So you’re living that no-coffee-table life? Whether it’s by choice or by necessity, going sans coffee table doesn’t have to be a reflection on your space’s limitations, rather, it’s a chance to get creative with the space and budget available to you. Embrace the macro-trend that is minimalism with any one of these space-conscious, DIY sofa tables which make a great alternative to a bulky coffee table. 

 Get Crafty With IKEA Parts 

Says this DIY-er, “If you’re faced with an awkward room arrangement that doesn’t allow for side tables, I highly suggest giving a sofa table a try.” She suggests getting crafty and creative with IKEA parts, particularly the IKEA Lack shelf, which comes sanded, stained, and edged.  

DIY Sofa Tables

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Visit The Homes I Have Made for full instructions on how to make this IKEA parts DIY sofa table.

 A Rustic Sofa Table 

When we talk about “space” on this blog, more often than not, we’re talking about lack thereof  –but what if you’ve got the opposite problem: too much space. For a spacious living area with not enough furniture to fill it, rustic DIY sofa tables like this one can provide a stylish alternative to pushing your couch flush against a wall. 

DIY Sofa Tables

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Visit the Worthing Court Blog for full instructions on how to make this rustic DIY sofa table.  

 A Side Console 

For something that takes up even less space than the aforementioned two sofa tables, we appreciate the sleek design of this homemade sofa console. This DIY-er constructed his “new favorite piece of furniture” for a mere $30.00 – a fraction of the cost of its manufactured counterparts. 

DIY Sofa Tables

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Visit Houzz for full instructions on how to make this “Side Table With a Novel Twist.” 

 A Rolling End Table 

This simple, sturdy, and versatile “C table,” courtesy of Ana White, is so cleverly constructed, we can hardly believe it’s homemade! We love this DIY-er’s idea to paint it a vibrant shade of orange, taking it from supplementary to statement. 

DIY Sofa Tables

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Visit the Ana White for full instructions on how to make this rolling end table.  

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