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Why are people moving to The Cottages?


The Cottages are a best-selling waterfront community in the South Okanagan, with 115 homes sold to date. Selling points to this spectacular gated community include the amenities and the option to fully customize your unit to your unique preferences. What sets The Cottages on Osooyos Lake apart from other vacation spots in the area, making it increasingly popular for seasonal sun-seekers as well as those seeking year-round accommodations, is what the vibrant and swiftly transforming location has to offer.


The heart of wine country

With at least 40 wineries within a 20 minute drive of Osoyoos, wine-lovers can enjoy exceptional dining, lively atmosphere and ample entertainment right outside their doorstep. In addition to holding tastings and tours, the wineries in the area also offer things like culinary classes and host concerts on their venues for visitors to enjoy.


Great real estate value

Compared to Canada’s major western cities, (particularly cities like Vancouver, where the market is overheated and unapproachable), properties in the South Okanagan are a bargain. At The Cottages, detached homes start at under $400,000 and prime lake front homes start at just over $730,000.

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The best weather in Canada

The annual average temperatures in Osoyoos, (15+ degrees Celsius year-round), is higher than every major city in Canada. Las Vegas, a city notorious for its balmy heat, has an annual average temperature only 3 degrees Celsius warmer than Osoyoos.


The developers behind The Cottages view these properties as more than just a summer get away, noting the lifestyle and location as not only major selling points, but major living points – particularly for those growing wary of hectic city living.


Learn more about living at The Cottages on Osooyos Lake here.


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