Fall is the season of layers, which ultimately means more clutter and more time spent tidying. But this doesn’t have to be the case, so long as you’re prepared for the influx of seasonal mess. Start mess-proofing your home, (before you hold your annual Thanksgiving dinner), with these ten, simple tips.


  • Fake a mudroom using an unused closet or stretch of wall. All you’ll need is a combination of bins, hooks and shelves.
Photo Source: realsimple.com

Photo Source: realsimple.com


  • Install extra rows of hooks, in your mud room or beside your door, so that you can accommodate more jackets, scarves and sweaters


  • Weather proof your deck using sealant. This way, when spring rolls around, your deck will be in good condition to use and enjoy right away.


Photo Source: organizedliving.com

Photo Source: organizedliving.com



  • Disconnect and drain your garden hose, to prevent it from freezing and cracking from the cold, and keep it somewhere warm and dry for the winter.


  • Organize the miscellaneous items in your “junk drawer” with a cupcake tray.
Photo Source: hgtv.com

Photo Source: hgtv.com


  • Have your roof checked for damaged or missing shingles.


  • Purchase some sort of mat or bin to keep shoes on to keep them off the floor, saving your floors from debris and water.


  • Store your umbrellas upright to preserve their ribs. Hang them or purchase an umbrella holder to extend their life.
Photo Source: pinimg.com

Photo Source: pinimg.com


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