It’s a simple fact that home renovations, of any kind, are risky business. While these updates are intended to improve the property in some way, mistakes happen, and oftentimes the results of your reno are not what you expected. To avoid an end result that requires a costly fix, we recommend being cognizant of these four commonly made reno mistakes.  



Of your overall budget, 15 to 20 percent should be allocated to something called, “overages.” Your overages are important as they should absorb any overflow costs of products and services that were pricier than anticipated. If you don’t account for those unanticipated costs, you may find it nearly impossible to stay under or on-budget. 



On the flip side, less cost isn’t always better. Keep in mind that when it comes to renovation, you get what you pay for, and unfortunately that could mean that using inexpensive tools, services, and materials could mean the difference between work that lasts a few years and work that lasts a decade.  


Painting Without Prepping 

Why spend money and time getting your renovation just right, if your paint job isn’t going to reflect your meticulousness? Though the inconsistencies on your walls -a chip here, a crack there, perhaps some mild mold or nicotine residue – may not seem bad at face value, you’ll be amazed at how these things will affect your paint job. For best results, ensure you are washing, sanding, and sealing your fundamental surface before you even think about painting. 


Using Old Tools 

Let’s face it, we all have a garage or shed full of tools just begging to be dusted off and used. However, keep in mind that the quality of your tools matter. While using what you have kicking around may seem like the economical option, old tools are likely dull, rusty, or of questionable safety standard and quality, and may end up hindering your reno rather than helping it.

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