Gorgeous Kitchen Wall Art You Can DIY

Does your kitchen reflect your personality?  If you answered no, perhaps it’s time you embrace your crafty side via any one of these wall art ideas. Whether your personal style is on-trend, offbeat, or ostentatious, we’ve got a DIY – (or six) – for you! 


Fruit-inspired Paint Chip Collage  

Photo Source: tadaam.com

What You’ll Need: paint chips (various colors), ruler, X-ACTO knife, frame 

Visit Tadaam for instructions on how to recreate this Fruit-inspired Paint Chip Collage.  


Lemon Stamp Wall Art 

Photo Source: littledekonings.com

What You’ll Need: lemon, paint, art paper, picture 

Visit Kassandra DeKoning’s blog for instructions on how to recreate this Lemon Stamp Wall Art.


Paint-dipped Spoon Collage 

Photo Source: ajoyfulriot.com

What You’ll Need: an assortment of foods, paint, tape, velcro strips, ribbon, level, tape, measuring tape, pencil 

Visit A Joyful Riot for instructions on how to recreate this Paint-dipped Spoon Collage. 


Flower Garland Wall Hanging 

Photo Source: thekitchykitchen.com

What You’ll Need: twine, large twig or branch, pruners, tapestry needles, hot glue gun and glue, floral wire, wire cutters, assorted flowers and/or herbs 

Visit The Kitchy Kitchen for instructions on how to recreate this Flower Garland Wall Hanging. 


Pebble Art Grapes 

Photo Source: etsy.com

What You’ll Need: pebbles, gorilla glue, Indian ink, picture frame 

For more pebble-inspired DIY ideas, you may enjoy our article: 6 Unexpected DIYs Using River Stones.

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Zakiya Kassam

Zakiya is a freelance writer/editor based out of Toronto.

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