A novelty shower. 

A luxury bathroom is nothing without a luxury shower. Try a double shower with an oversized rain showerhead fixture or a walk-in model. Not much of a shower person? Try a deep soaker tub and let the Epsom salts melt your stress away.


Photo Source: theultralinx.com


A copper bathtub.  

Metal accents in your bathroom lend an air of elegant and expensiveness to your space. Veer away from silver and stainless steel, and instead embrace the warmer family of metals: brass, gold and copper. The natural ornateness of copper can be glamorous and edgy in a bathroom setting.

Photo Source: bobvila.com

Photo Source: bobvila.com


A luxury vanity. 

Furniture-like pieces are a must-have for bathrooms this year, and what could be a more suitable piece of furniture for your bathroom than a vanity?

Photo Source: homestratosphere.com

Photo Source: homestratosphere.com


Ornate pendant lighting.  

Decorative lighting isn’t just for the dining room anymore. As bathroom décor trends make a shift towards the deliberate, ornate fixtures, such as wall-mounted sconces, pendants, and chandeliers, make a serious statement in the bathroom. A pretty pair of pendant lamps hanging above your sink or vanity feature will bounce off of mirrored and metallic surfaces, and infuse your space with light.

Photo Source: decoist.com

Photo Source: decoist.com


Towel warmers 

Heated towel racks have been standard in European bathrooms for decades; (so standard in fact, that towel warmers are typically hardwired into the home when it’s built). In Canada, a towel warmer may not be viewed as standard, but after a few uses, you might just find yourself considering it a necessity. Modern models include features that circulate aromatherapy oil using the steam from the shower to diffuse and distribute the scent. Invest in a wall-mounted number and keep your towels dry and mildew free.

Photo Source: abathroomguide.com

Photo Source: abathroomguide.com


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