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Q: I’m a tech junkie and I would love to know if there are new products that I can use in my kitchen.


Now that technology has succeeded in invading our bedrooms and living rooms, the next space for radical advances is the kitchen. Despite the pervasive French farmhouse inspired kitchen, new machines are set to take over not just the space in which we cook but how we actually cook. Th e possibilities are endless and there are a new breed of appliances that will one day be just as commonplace as the microwave. Th e home of the future is definitely here today and that home comes equipped with devices that are Wi-Fi enabled with companion apps that make it possible to “cook” remotely. Though many of the newest options are still in the testing phase, others have already entered the marketplace and will be readily available in the near future. Some are highly engineered, one touch appliances while others are virtual teachers, encouraging us back into the kitchen with their technological prowess.


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If you think your fridge is only a glorified unit for storing fresh food, think again! Samsung’s smart fridge comes equipped with a Wi-Fi enabled LCD screen built into the door which enables you to watch TV, pull up recipes or answer calls. Flexible and convenient, the newest model also comes with counter height drawers with adjustable temperatures and holds up to 28 cubic feet.


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No need to head out the door for your afternoon pick-me-up. GE’s latest addition boasts a Keurig K-cup brewing system that can brew both coffee and tea. With a hot water dispenser that allows you to choose your own temperature from one of four pre-programmed settings, hot drink and food preparation is a breeze. In addition, this refrigerator also features advanced water filtration and a full width electronic temperature controlled drawer with colored LED lights just in case a midnight snack is in your future.


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Despite food bloggers raving over slow cookers, they are still a challenge for those who spend the majority of their day away from home. Predicting the time dinner needs to be ready first thing in a bleary eyed morning can add undue stress to the whole endeavor. Enter the free WeMo app and your dinnertime will be changed for good. You can control this slow cooker from your smart-phone to adjust cook settings anytime, from anywhere. Leaving the office? Simply shift from warm to high on the app to ensure that your dinner is ready and waiting the moment you walk in the door. Th ere are even recipes included with the cooker to add to your repertoire of slow cooked meals. Granny never had it this good!


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Dispose of the idea that a blender can’t be a high tech hero. Blendtec’s latest models off er an impressive 1700-watt motor, with six pre-programmed options and a snazzy touchscreen interface for the ultimate control of all your blending needs. Beauty and functionality come together for the ultimate appliance that will deliver an ice cold margarita, fl uff y smoothie or even finely ground coffee beans at the touch of the screen.


Text by Kim Bartley 

Written by Kim Bartley

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