Tahini-Sesame Salmon

Is your grill ready for your culinary imagination?

Recent improvements in the design and engineering of gas barbecues have transformed the art grilling.  From searing and rotisserie cooking, to planking and smoking, gas grills now provide chefs with several different grilling techniques to develop flavours, textures and aromas.  With a quality gas barbecue, the right set of features and these grilling methods, the culinary possibilities for a backyard chef are endless.

So what features do you need?

To get the most out of different cooking methods, a gas barbecue has to be designed with these performance features: Excellent heat retention; searing power and flavour vapourization at the grids; full coverage stainless steel flavour wave, or heat medium; precise heat control; a side burner and a rotisserie burner.

Mastering the Techniques

One of the unique and delicious methods to grill food uses a wooden plank.  The smoke created from the plank sitting directly above a lit burner infuses the meat with a delicate smoky flavour.

Using a plank is simple:

• Soak it in water for at least an hour and pat it dry.

• Pre-heat your grill on High for 10 minutes.

• Coat both sides of the plank with olive oil then place the seasoned meat on it.

• Place the plank on the grill directly over the lit burner and reduce the heat to Medium/Low.

• Cook the meat to its desired doneness.

Grilling planks are specifically designed for the barbecue and there a variety of flavours to choose. Cedar planks are ideal for salmon, but don’t be afraid to try other meats. Pork goes great on a maple plank and lamb is delicious on alder.

Try planking today with this easy recipe for salmon using a cedar plank.


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