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3 Reasons You Need To Call a Plumber Right Away

House maintenance tasks never end, whether they involve caulking the drafty window next to your desk, replacing a flickering fluorescent light or tightening a wobbly doorknob. Some repairs can wait until you have the time to get around to them. When problems arise in your home’s plumbing system, though, they need to be addressed immediately, as they can get worse quickly and end up causing expensive structural damage or even health issues. Here are three scenarios in which calling a professional, licensed plumber should be the very first thing you do.

1. Your Water Will Not Heat Up 

If your water is heating slowly or not at all, an experienced plumber has seen the problem many times before and will know how exactly how to troubleshoot it. For example, an electric unit might have a faulty thermostat or heating elements that need to be replaced. Gas-powered units have a device called a thermocouple, which regulates the flow of fuel needed to ignite the pilot light on the heater. Also, If you notice discoloration in your hot water, a plumber can check for and remove sediment which can sometimes build up at the bottom of the tank.   

2. Your Water Will Not Drain 

If you find that the water in a sink, tub or washing machine is draining slowly or not at all, the backup could be in the outflow pipe leading to the main sewer line or to your septic tank. plumbing services Geneva IL have the necessary tools and expertise to help. A plumbing team will use a motorized drain auger to clear the outflow pipe and make sure wastewater flows out to where it’s supposed to go. 

3. Your Water Does Not Taste Right

If your tap water has a metallic, chemical or muddy taste to it, the first thing that a plumber will do is check the condition of the pipes inside your home. Metals such as iron and copper from old, corroding pipes can seep into the water that you drink. This can be especially dangerous if you have an older home where the pipes may have been originally soldered using lead.

A plumber may discover that the problem originates with the municipal water supply, either from high levels of chlorine added to the water or from naturally occurring algae. This may require a water filtration system designed to fix the problem. 

Water is life, and an efficient and reliable plumbing system is one of the most important aspects of maintaining the quality of life in your home. Therefore, it makes sense to contact a licensed professional to evaluate and repair plumbing problems as soon as they arise. You can get around to the wobbly doorknob on the weekend! 

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