A bathroom renovation is a big job, no matter its physical size. For this reason, it’s important to ensure that your décor and design decisions are sound and well thought out. Avoid these four all-too-common design mistakes and ensure that you’ll be happy with your bathroom reno for years.

Photo Source: Canadian Home Trends, Bathroom Inspiration Galleries

Photo Source: Canadian Home Trends, Bathroom Inspiration Galleries

Ignoring the rest of your home’s flow

The fact that bathrooms tend to be enclosed can be a tempting reason to go in a completely abstract design direction when decorating it. However, treating your bathroom like a separate entity will not only disgruntle your mother-in-law and confuse your houseguests, but it could also bring down the value of your home. Though your bathroom doesn’t have to match the rest of your home to a tee, try to incorporate some features that tie in your existing décor, or at least have stylistic cohesion; (if your house is contemporary, keep your bathroom on the contemporary side as well).


Overcrowding your space

The bathroom is a small space, no doubt about it; and though we all long for a little more tile between our toes when we’re brushing our teeth in the morning, it’s better to just accept what we have and work within our limits. Homeowners looking to remodel their bathrooms may have a long wish list of fixtures and features they would like included – a claw foot tub, a double shower, a two-person sink – but it’s important to realize when your wishes aren’t practical. Instead, choose between one or two large or luxury features, and give them the glory and spotlight they deserve.

Photo Source: Canadian Home Trends, Bathroom Renovation Budget Breakdown

Photo Source: Canadian Home Trends, Bathroom Renovation Budget Breakdown

Skimping on counter and storage space

Unless you truly are of the wash-and-go variety, you could probably use more counter space than you currently have. (And even if you are the wash-and-go variety, a little more space to keep your toothbrush couldn’t hurt, right?) When remodeling, don’t underestimate how appreciated that extra storage space is, whether it’s on your counters, beneath your vanity or on your walls. The last thing you want is homeless hair brushes, lotions, sculpting gels and straighteners monopolizing valuable real estate in your already small bathroom. Plan for storage with your specific needs in mind, and you will thank yourself later.


Giving your toilet too much spotlight

In a small bathroom, you may not have too much freedom in terms of layout, but regardless, you want to make your toilet placement a priority. Avoid placing your toilet near your door within sight of adjacent rooms. Depending on your space and budget, install your toilet in the far corner of your bathroom, hiding it with a corner, a semi wall or even separate doors.

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