Latest Decor Trends – What’s better than feeling good at home and looking forward to relaxing after a hard workday? Every year, new trends emerge, and while not every trend will be for you, they give you a look at the direction that design is heading and new ideas to inspire your own space for a modern look.

Design is constantly evolving and growing so the elements that were in last year will not necessarily be totally out today. Although some trends run out of steam quickly, others will remain anchored in our design conscious for many years to come and become classics in their own right, like all white kitchens for example! If you’re looking for fresh ways to update your decor, here are some of the design features that are popular.


Green is definitely trendy! Nature represents a soothing solution for the current social ills and we will maximize that soothing feeling with the use of plants, especially those that are exotic. Their bright green glow gives our homes a soothing ambiance, creating a refuge from the invasive technologies we face every day.


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In recent years, we have become more aware of our environmental footprint and are trying to reduce it as much as we can. By opting for local or recycled materials, it is possible to decorate and renovate in a sustainable way. On the market, there is an incredible range of greener kitchen countertops made from recycled materials such as high-pressure laminate and composite paper surface. In addition to encouraging conservation and sustainable ecological design, these options are made from at least 10% recycled paper and come from an FSC certified source.

There are now hundreds of models with different colors and finishes available. They are very elegant and easy to maintain; the material offers an affordable alternative to marble and tends to keep its luster longer as well.

India Modern

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When we think of India, we think the many bright colors and ornamentation associated with traditional Indian clothing. In India Modern design, white is in the spotlight, and it is highlighted with contrasts such as plants and furniture in bright or dark colors. Gold and marble are also in the foreground, while they bring a touch of elegance to the refined decorations.

Another of the latest decor trends of today is we dare to incorporate saturated colors. We continue to move towards sophisticated but contrasted looks, with white decorations and colorful touches. The base always remains white, such as walls and even furniture, but we opt for colorful accents on unusual elements, such as accent chairs and carpets. We also introduce carved wood elements as well as intricate weaved textures and colored marble to give the design presence and solidity. The goal is not complete harmonized but rather beauty found through elements that are not necessarily arranged with an eccentric touch.

Updated Art Deco

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One of the latest decor trends that continue to make a comeback is Updated Art Deco, inspired by the 1920s where luxury and purity are omnipresent. Inspired by the Gatbsy years, Updated Art Deco mixes antiques with modern pieces, luxurious finishes in velvet and rich, deep colors. The walls are dressed with works of art and finishes show a nod towards noble materials such as hardwood, marble and brass.

Although classical Art Deco is quite geometrical, Updated Art Deco is more of an invitation to get inspired by style. While geometric patterns are still part of the design scheme, the focus is on luxury and glam.

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