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40+ Helpful Food Tips and Ticks

You can never have too many tips and tricks in life. It’s always good to learn shortcuts and smart ways to improve ourselves in the kitchen. The following tips and tricks will help make your life easier in the kitchen.


salmon Meat and Fish Products 

    • Slice lemon and place on BBQ for flavourful fish and no sticking
    • In order to end up with flat burgers, indent the middle of hamburger with thumb
    • For a quick marinade, marinate meat in salad dressing
    • Descale a fish with a kitchen scrubby and water

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Herbs and Spicesherb_ice_cubes_small

Peel the skin of ginger with a teaspoon

In order to bring out flavours from dried spices, toast them in a pan.

Mix your favorite spices and dried herbs for a signature seasoning blend.

Freeze fresh herbs such as dill, thyme or rosemary in a freezer bag and use as needed when cooking

Freeze leftover chopped fresh herbs and water in an ice cube tray


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Roll citrus fruit on counter before cutting, they will be juicier

Place green tomatoes in a dark cool place to ripen

Place cherry tomatoes between two plates and slice

Ripen fruit by placing them in a brown paper bag

Slice the kiwi in half and use a spoon to scoop out the fruit

Grate fresh garlic microplane instead of chopping with a knife

Boil whole potatoes with skin on and afterward skin will just slide off

To crisp up limp vegetables, place them in ice cold water

If you don’t have a peeler, scrub the skin off the carrot

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In the summer, stock up on fruits and vegetables in season and freeze them

Freeze butter to keep it fresh and pull out when needed

Buy a bag of lemons, slice and freeze and they will be like fresh when thawed

Peel and store overripe bananas in a freezer bag. Use for banana bread and smoothies.

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If you have no oil when baking, substitute with apple sauce

For soft cookies pick a recipe that includes brown sugar

Place a piece of bread in brown sugar container to prevent from becoming hard

Spray rubber spatula with cooking spray to prevent batter from sticking.

Place cake pop sticks in colander holes to dry and keep them round

For fluffier pancakes, add a little less liquid than recommended and lumpy batter is good

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Good to Knowcheese

Use dental floss to cut soft cheese easily

Bread crumbs can be substituted with plain cereal, crushed tortilla chips, or crushed crackers

Add water or broth to freshen day old rice

Keep your cutting board from sliding by placing a damp tea towel under it

Keep a bowl from turning when mixing by placing a rolled tea towel around it

Place a wooden spoon over pot to avoid boiling over.

Run knife under hot water to slice an ice cream cake easily.

Wet your fingers before trying to remove egg shells from a cracked egg in a bowl

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11-alkaseltzer-vase-578x396Clean Up

When you are done using the blender, rinse and blend with water and soap to clean

Place a container with boiling water and half a lemon in the microwave. Leave for 5 minutes then wipe out dirty microwave

Rub wax paper on kitchen faucet to prevent water spots

Use ½ cup of baking soda to water when cleaning tiled floors

Clean narrow vases with water and Alka-Seltzer

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  • Lots of great tips and tricks here…..have a ton of cherry tomatoes right now so am going to try the cherry tomatoes between 2 plates and slice trick at supper time tonight!!