Keeping the environment clean protects everyone from health hazards caused by unmanaged garbage. Moreover, an uncontrolled garbage disposal may be a great cause of accidents. Proper precautions are required to make sure garbage is kept properly and disposed of in the right places.

Kawartha Lakes Mini Bins Inc. plays a great role in providing bin rentals that ease garbage collection and disposal. It helps to keep the environment safe for all. When you want to rent a disposal bin for your home or office, you need to consider other factors.

Know what you intend to get rid of

Have an idea of the items you want to dispose of in the garbage bins. Some waste items might be corrosive, like farm chemicals which are likely to damage the bins. Such waste can add fees as you might be required to replace the bin if it’s damaged. There are degradable and non-degradable materials that need to be separated for recycling purposes. Moreover, you need to choose either a front-end bin or a roll-off bin. These considerations will help you to determine the best disposal solution for you. 

Choose a spot

Identify the best location for your bin. You should spot the location before the bin is delivered. If you have questions about the size of the area, ask a bin dealer to help you measure the size of the bin as well as the area you intend to place it. The dealer may help you to choose a more suitable bin if the space isn’t large enough for the bin you had chosen earlier. Sometimes, estimations don’t work the best as you may overestimate or underestimate the bin’s size. 

Number of bins to rent

It’s necessary to be environmentally prudent. Among the items you might need to dispose of are recyclable, while others are decomposable. You will need to have two to three bins to dispose of the items separately. It becomes easier when disposing of waste since the recyclable waste can be picked up without problems.

How long will you use the bins?

Plan in advance the period you intend to use the bins. Remember, you have a contract with your rental bin company. There is a period you agreed with the company, which means that you must abide by the contract. If the period expires, you either renew the contract or purchase a bin. Also, it depends on the time you are to reside in the area, which you need not overestimate or underestimate. Therefore, you will budget properly before renting the disposal bins. 

Research about the company

Familiarize yourself with the rental bin company. Know about the company’s reputation, requirements before renting a bin, bin renting charges, and so on. Confirm whether the company is legally operating. Does it meet the state’s waste management regulations? What extra charges will you expect as you continue working with the company? Take your time before deciding on the suitable company to rent the bins from. You may need to sit with the team members and discuss your needs to determine if they meet them. 

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