Trees, apart from being good for the environment and your health, enhance your curb appeal. However, this benefit comes with extra responsibility. Maintaining the trees in your home is tedious and sometimes risky. That is where you need to hire tree cutting services.

Tree cutting is a risky affair. Thus, it would be best to ask yourself these questions to ensure that you are hiring professional tree cutters.

Does the company have certified staff?

Arborists are specially trained to offer proper tree care. Any homeowner would wish to hire an arborist who is ISA Certified. These experts are not only tree professionals but also undergo regular training in their field.

What equipment will the contractor use?

Tree companies may come with very heavy and large equipment. In such cases, you let the contractor where the underground lines are. If you do not know where they are, the utility company can have the lines marked so that the tree cutters can avoid them.

To which organizations do the company belong?

Apart from certification, a good tree cutting company should a member of the professional organizations that regulate their field. Most companies have this information on their website. The American Society of Arborists and the Tree Care Industry Association are two great organizations.

Is the company insured?

Having appropriate insurance coverage is a must. Should any damage be caused by the tree company you hired, the insurance coverage caters to injuries and losses. An appropriately licensed contractor bears general liability insurance coverage to cater for damages together with other insurance policies to protect your home, the workers, and their business.

 It is also critical that any tree cutting company be compliant with Work Safety rules and the Department of Transportation regulations in your state. 

Will I require a permit?

Often, you require permits and, in some instances, permission from your homeowners’ association. Failure to adhere to these requirements can result in fines and cause discord in the neighborhood. It is advisable to ask the contractor if they have all the required permits.

How often do they deal with the specific issue?

Always inquire about the specific issue you have with your trees or tree. If, for instance, the tree is dying, know from the arborist whether it is salvageable. Experienced arborists can rescue sick trees and bring them back to good health. 

What is the company’s experience in the industry?

When choosing a company in the tree service industry, you should find out the companies experience in the industry. You should find out if the company has multiple locations, has operated in the area, and is a chain. The history of a company gives their track record, and their longevity in the business hints to their work performance and business practices.

What is your cleanup process?

Some companies will clean the debris thoroughly while others leave trash behind. You should be clear about your expectations and wishes from the onset. It is advisable to ensure that these details are captured in your contract.

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