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5 Unusual DIYs Using Ladders

If you haven’t already gathered, we love a good ol’ repurposed DIY project. Repurposing combines two things we love, recycling and crafting, and whether you’re working with river rocks,cinder blocks, or tires, it’s easy to see the value in reviving something old, broken, or forlorn. With that said, breathe new life into old ladders with any one of these five DIY projects. 

This Leaning Ladder Workspace 

Photo Source: ana-white.com

What You’ll Need: 120 grit sandpaper, wood glue and wood filler, 1/4 inch screws, 1/4 inch nails, plywood of varying sizes, (or ladders cut to size) 

Click Here for more details and instructions. 

This Rustic Chandelier 

Photo Source: meeganmakes.com

What You’ll Need: a ladder, crystals of varying shapes and sizes, wire, LED lights, (or LED Christmas lights could also work!) 

Click Here for more details and instructions.

This Ladder Planter 

Photo Source: shanty-2-chic.com

What You‘ll Need: a ladder, (or cedar planks cut to size), a jigsaw, a pot or circular object to trace, wood glue, potted plants 

Click Here for more details and instructions. 

This Laundry Drying Rack 

Photo Source: diyprojects.com

What You‘ll Need: a ladder, (or wood of varying thickness cut to size), quick links or carabiners, drill bit, 2 7/8″ inch screws, wood glue, lengths of chain 

Click Here for more details and instructions.

This Tiered Bookshelf

Photo Source: apairandasparediy.comWhat You‘ll Need: a stepping ladder, plywood planks, L-brackets, screws, drill 

Click Here for more details and instructions.

(And for five more clever shelving DIYs, click Here. )

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