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6 Unexpected DIYs Using River Stones

I think it’s safe to say that everyone has access to stones, be it in gravel, pebble, or river rock form. For the next six DIYs feel free to substitute whatever rocky material you have on-hand – (aka in the backyard). These rockin’ DIYs do not discriminate! 


In Your Shower 

Transform your shower, at a fraction of the cost of a typical shower reno, with this cost-effective DIY project. Simply grout and lay your stones flat to achieve spa-level results.  

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What You‘ll Need: stones (can be purchased from the dollar store), grout 

Click Here for more details and instructions.


Within Your Wall Art 

Buy your pebble art ready made, or DIY your own, using pebbles, hot glue, and a box photo frame. These creative treasures make great gifts, as well as great keepsakes! 

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On Your Backsplash 

The possibilities for your kitchen backsplash are seemingly endless. Let us add one more idea to those existing prospects … 

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What You’ll Need:  SimpleMat (can be purchased from Home Depot, stones, grout

Click Here for more details and instructions.

For more kitchen backsplash inspiration, click Here.


For Your Tableware 

This art piece, made by industrial designer, Linn Tale Haugen, ( is meant to showcase objects that have been naturally shaped by nature. This piece is aptly named, “The Lightness of Stone.” 

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Click Here to read more about it.


On Your Plant Pots 

Revamp a tired terra cotta planter using river stones, with this very simple DIY. Simply paste and repeat.  

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What You’ll Need: terra cotta plant pots, hot glue gun, glue, river stoned 

Click Here for more details and instructions.


For Your Clock 

Tell the time with nature in mind, via this contemporary, stone-inspired, adhesive wall clock. Again, great to give as a gift, or have as a keepsake.  

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