It does sound cliché but I’m going say it: The kitchen is the heart of the home. As a Designer, I love creating solutions for my clients in this part of the home. There are so many innovations in the kitchen design industry today, allowing designers to bring homeowners efficiency and functionality balanced with aesthetics.

Here are 6 of my favourite kitchen features, sure to make any home-chef happy.

Kickboard Drawers

Photo Source:

Photo Source: Minosa Design

With condominiums growing in popularity and spaces generally becoming smaller, the need for added storage is encouraging designers and manufacturers to creative solutions such as drawers in the kickplate to maximize kitchen storage space.

Touchless Faucets and Stainless Steel Apron Sinks

Faucet: Moen

Faucet: Moen Sink: Kohler

The lever faucet has always been the most functional for operating with body parts other than dirty hands. Now you just have to motion to the faucet and it will operate for you! Brilliant!

I love the trend of an apron sink. It adds a focal point that is functional for cleaning and protects the lower cabinets. This style is classic and timeless and yet, when finished in stainless, it suits our modern interiors beautifully.

Storage Solutions

Photo Source:

Photo Source: Contemporist

The trend toward contemporary, clean-lined, open concept kitchens has spawned better storage solutions that will allow any home-chef to have all their tools at hand while maintain a strict aesthetic. Keeping the kitchen neat and clean is an important factor in maintaining a harmonious look when one has an open concept space or if you are an organizational fiend as I am.

Induction Cooking

Photo Source: Miele

Photo Source: Miele

At heart I’m a gas girl. I like the raw energy of a gas flame as well as the rugged look of a gas cooktop but when I went to the Miele showroom and experienced the revolutionary performance of the induction cooktop, I was transformed. The advantages are simply too many to discount the fact that this is the way of the future.

Under-cabinet Refrigerator

Photo Source: Sub-Wolf Zero

Photo Source: Sub-Wolf Zero

I recently had the opportunity to install an under-counter fridge for a client who wished to have all of their juicing and vitamin products handy at the counter. Extremely functional, this feature makes the kitchen experience that much more fun. This is not an inexpensive addition, but well worth the investment.

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