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6 Ways to Make Any Room Look Bigger Than It Is

1. Using a neutral colour palette is perhaps the oldest trick in the book when it comes to making a room look bigger than it is. Darker shades might be more appealing from a design standpoint, but in a small room, dark hues won’t do you any favours. Soft hues tend to illuminate a space and reflect light better. Try white, cream, pale greys and soft blues.

2. Instead of using blinds, opt for long, flowing drapes, which will draw the eye upwards. An even better idea: skip the drapes completely and let the light do it’s magic.

Photo Source: Canadian Home Trends, Our Favourite Emerald Green Palettes

Photo Source: Canadian Home Trends, Our Favourite Emerald Green Palettes

3. Place a mirror in your focal point. If you have natural light at your disposal, try to position the mirror across from it. If not, utilize a candle or a lamp. This will lend ambiance to your space and illuminate any dark corners.

4. Another trick for drawing the eye upwards is to create a menagerie of small to midsize artwork on your walls. If done correctly, this will draw the eye upwards, which is a handy insider trick if your space lacks width.

5. You want to maximize the light flow in a small room, so pick pieces that let light flow through them. For instance, tables and chairs with legs as opposed to solid bottoms or glass top coffee or side tables.

Photo Source: Canadian Home Trends, Painted Bedrooms

Photo Source: Canadian Home Trends, Painted Bedrooms

6. Be aware of your furniture placement. You want to leave space between furniture pieces and the walls, and if you’re having trouble doing so, your furniture choices are simply too large or you’re trying to fit too much in your space. Leaving boundaries will create flow of light and lend the illusion of roominess.



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