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9 Pool Decorating Ideas to Revamp Your House

Summer is ready for you, but sadly, your pool isn’t. Here are 9 cool pool decorating ways to bring a fresh look to your deck.

The sunbathing season is finally here! Of course, you can bask in the sun at the beach or the park. However, nothing beats time spent next to your own pool. If have you been neglecting your pool deck throughout the fall and winter, it’s high time to bring in some razzle-dazzle.

The pool may be outdoors, but it plays a massive role in the overall aesthetics of your house. It should look and feel like an extension of your home. Aim to make it a quick daytime retreat. It should be a place where you and your family can chill.

To get you started, here are some ideas to get your pool deck ready for the sunny season!

1. Create a Brunch Space

Do you want to host an enviable brunch? Convert a portion of your pool deck into a brunch space. It’s a novel idea! Your friends and family can relax in the pool while you cook up a great meal.

Brighten up your weekends by building a beach-style dining space next to your pool. Find light wood and add texture to your decor. Your outdoor dining chairs and tables should be made from the same wood.

Scatter the space with throw pillows and accent decor. They add a pop of color. The ideal color scheme for this setup is sunny yellows. You can also bring in breezy blues for a beachy feel.

Color coordinate your tableware and outdoor rugs. Don’t be afraid of patterns. Experiment with striped or floral pieces. Outdoor dinnerware can be fun too. They come in various shapes and exotic designs. Let your creativity fly!

But, before all that, you need to completely clean your pool. You can either do it yourself, hire a professional, or use a robotic pool cleaner to get the job done promptly. Check out https://roboticpoolcleaner.org/dolphin-pool-cleaners/dolphin-proteus-dx4-review/ if you like the idea of having a robot do the job for you.

2. A Cozy Poolside Lounge

Nothing screams luxury like a poolside lounge. If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your house, furnish it with the heights of luxury. Even a small outdoor space can transform your mood.

Imagine how much better it will be if you furnish it properly. If you’re reading this, it’s your cue to start planning. Adding furniture around your pool helps. It adds a sense of comfort.

However, shopping for outdoor furniture isn’t easy. There are so many choices! You can get sleek sofas or plush chairs. They are an excellent addition to your pool deck where your friends and family can lounge around.

These simple additions create a stylish outdoor retreat. Lounge chairs are a must-have. You can even set up fire pits for the chilly nights.

Of course, you can’t miss out on the large umbrellas. Even the most avid swimmers love some shade from the scalding sun. Add more dimension to the space with flatweave rugs or colorful throw blankets.

3. One for the Grillmasters

What are poolside gatherings without some grilled meat and vegetables? If you are a cooking aficionado, you’ll want to turn your pool deck into a grillmaster’s paradise.

Equip your pool deck with a multitude of grill accessories. Imagine how chic the place will look with stylish bar tables and chairs. The whole family can enjoy freshly grilled burgers and hot dogs.

Plan ahead. Keep towels and sunscreen around. Let games and music flow throughout the day. Arrange refreshments. Nothing goes better with summer than a glass of lemonade!

You can consider installing an outdoor heater for the evenings. Why should you let daytime dictate your fun? You can have outdoor games and music for more fun!

4. Add a Rustic Element

Summer nights are incomplete without bonfires. Roasting marshmallows over a fire and cozying up sounds lovely. The warm flames bring a whole new ambiance.

Rustic decor is inviting. There’s a timeless character to the overall design. You can consider investing in a portable fire pit. However, building one into your pool is your best bet.

The fire pit should be the same material as your pool deck. The consistency is easy on the eyes. Consider making a seating area around the pit. Then your family can relax by the fire after a swim.

Outdoor fireplaces work too. They make beautiful centerpieces. You’ll find yourself gathering around the fireplace frequently. Add some warm wooden seats and iron-wrought pieces, and voila! What a charming sight! 

5. Create a Minimalist’s Retreat

You’ll revel in a neat yet simple design if you enjoy the minimalist lifestyle. For example, you can design a simple pool with a few quality items. Then add a combination of sleek loungers to complete the look.

You don’t have to crowd your space to make it look good. A simple poolside cabinet can store most of your necessities. It’s also a great way to keep things out of sight. Use neutral colors to keep up with the tranquil theme. 

6. Create a Botanical Paradise

Let the free spirit in you run free. Adorn your pool deck with lush plants and exotic fauna. Bring out the inner Bohemian in you. Let the pool area be filled with vibrant colors!

Bring out raw textures in your decor. Use geometric shapes as planters. Your outdoor area will look like a tropical paradise. Pair it up with earthy-toned rugs and planters. Oh, and you can’t forget the hammock! Use mesh chairs instead of metal ones for your poolside naps.   

You want to walk into your backyard and feel the glory of nature. Natural elements and plants bring out the best of nature. Create a luxurious paradise.

Potted plants will look beautiful on your pool deck. Landscaping this area will help you get the ideal design. Let the landscape and pool coexist in harmony.

Utilize stones to create unique or natural patterns. Find rocks that fit together perfectly. The uniformity is appealing on its own.

7. Add a Tropical Tiki Bar

This tip is for the ones who love to have some fun! An excellent way to revamp your pool deck is to install a tropical tiki bar. It adds a cool twist to the outdoors.

Add a stylish bamboo bar decorated with colorful Hawaiian elements. Floral accents are always appreciated. Nothing screams tropical spirit the way floral patterns do.

If you want to go for the “island charm,” add backyard torches. Use flatweave rugs for a natural touch. And, of course, you can find tiki statues to raise everyone’s spirits!

Summer calls for sherbets and cocktails. No matter what time of the day, fruity cocktails are always appreciated. Install a bar to have delicious and refreshing drinks for you and your guests all day long.

To top it all off, add some shade. You’ll get plenty of sunshine while you’re swimming. Your body wants to relax when the heat gets too uncomfortable.

Don’t risk sunburn. Add shaded areas around the pool with trees and other elements. For example, invest in a small table with an umbrella. Tell your landscaper to add as many trees as possible.

8. Play Around with Materials

The best tip for decorating your pool deck is mixing materials. What materials will you use? Will you opt for wood, brick, or concrete?

Pick numerous options. Be bold. Install a wooden pool deck with concrete borders. You can get wooden chairs to bring together the textural element and install colorful tiles to add some vibrancy.

Materials aren’t the only thing you can play with. For example, your pool doesn’t need to be the traditional rectangle or kidney shape. Instead, you can get a uniquely shaped deck. So many quirky shapes look good!

Just remember that the deck should complement the pool. It doesn’t matter what the shape is. Don’t be afraid of adding curves. It feels more natural. Let your creativity shine!

9. Add a Touch of Glam

It’s all about glam. If you’re someone who wants a touch of glamor in your home, your pool deck allows you to experiment. Add chic pillows or upscale chaises. Get expensive loungers that offer the utmost comfort.

Install a gazebo with sheer curtains. Maybe set a small bar nearby. Enjoy the breezy atmosphere while keeping the drinks within reach. It’s a place to relax. Make the most of it!

Final Thoughts

Right before summer hits is a good time to think about pool decorating ideas that can give a new look to your entire house.

Think about the purpose your pool and the surrounding area will be used for – swimming, lounging around, hosting barbecue nights, and/or holding chic events.

Once you know the purpose, with some planning, you can mix and match the ideas shared here and implement them to wow your neighbors, friends, and family.

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