1. Repave your driveway

spring renovation project

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This is less of a DIY project because you will need machinery to first level out or remove the existing asphalt. Following this, you will need a foundation base and then finally a topcoat of asphalt, concrete or brick.

However, your driveway takes quite a beating over the winter months, between snow, mud, salt and tire ruts, so repaving might be a worthy investment to get your home looking Spring ready.

Also, Spring is a good time to do repave your driveway because asphalt actually needs the right factors of temperature and moisture to set properly. 

2. Revamp your deck

deck renovation spring

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Spring means it’s almost Summer, and Summer means patio parties, barbecuing, and perhaps sunning in the yard. So why not renovate the deck which is usually a high traffic area in the home over the summer months. If you’re not looking to replace your deck entirely, sand and repaint it – it’ll look just like new.

3. Give your Landscaping a Makeover

spring landscaping ideas

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Line your walkway or the driveway to your home with flowering plants for instant gratification, or shrubbery around the perimeter of your backyard to give it a cool, secluded vibe.

Be cognizant when you’re choosing plants and make sure they’re appropriate for how much sun and shade different parts of your lawn receive during the day. 

If you’re not planning on selling your home anytime soon, why not plant seeds instead, and enjoy the gratification of seeing them grow over time. Consider replacing some of your grass with bark mulch if you’re looking to mow less during the summer.

4. Re-seal your doors and windows

windows and door spring renovation

Springtime is the perfect time to replace the seal on your doors and windows, as the caulking can crack and shrink during the colder months. An added bonus: properly sealed windows and doors will keep the cool air in during the summer months, saving you money!

5. Freshen up your walls with paint

living room renovation spirng

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As you draw back the drapes to let the cool spring air into your home, you may notice that your walls need a fresh coat of paint. This is a great time to update your color scheme and paint your walls with a washable paint product.

6. Create a kids’ play area

spring kids play area renovation

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There are so many options available today to keep your kids occupied in the backyard. With everything from a swing set to their very own chalkboard play area, there is definitely a spring renovation project on the horizon for your kiddos.

7. Extend your kitchen outside!

outdoor kitchen spring renovation

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Create an outdoor kitchen such as this gorgeous outdoor space by Nathalie Deboel. As we extend our entertaining domain outdoors, it’s important to equip our backyard with all the necessities to throw an outdoor bash!

8. Build a “She Shed” or Studio

she shed renovation

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As the weather is warming up, what better time than now to build yourself a studio where you can escape to from the hustle and bustle. Best of all, there is no commute time and this little escape fits perfectly into your backyard.

9. Create an outdoor seating area

spring reno ideas pergola

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Add an amazing looking pergola, an outdoor fireplace and some comfortable seating and you have yourself and gorgeous outdoor seating area to entertain family and friends.

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