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Spring Decor Trends We Love and a Few That Need to Go

cac71cecbb00841d47ac638dd167315dThe onset of Spring means time to clean, refresh and of course, redecorate. Here are a few trends to try out this Spring:

Colour trends: This year’s colour forecast calls for softer, creamy shades on one hand, and charismatic, bold jewel tones on the other. White, (try a creamy cappuccino if you don’t want to go stark white), shades of purple (lavender, lilac), milky blues, and bold greens, are all trendy colours to for your home in spring 2016. Of course, grey has been a popular colour – not just this season – and has swiftly become today’s default neutral.

All things blue: For your lighting, decorative accessories and even kitchen appliances as an alternative to that predictable stainless steel, blue is a classic hue that brings a little freshness into your home just in time for Spring.

Mixed metals: 2015 was all about copper, while 2016 favours the tones of brass and gold. Metallic accents in your home are a good way to spice up a neutral colour palette and give your home edge.

As an added bonus, here are some trends from 2015 that are getting a little tired:

For your kitchen: Stainless steel everything. Once upon a time, stainless steel was THE epitome of luxury and good taste when it came to kitchen style, but now the trend forecast calls for a more earthy and approachable theme. Of course, no need to sacrifice practicality; stainless steel for your sink, for instance, is still a good bet, but soften and offset the severe looks of steel with creamy pastels, off-shades of white, and natural elements in your kitchen.

Funky patterns: 2016 style is all about clean lines, solid colours and simplicity. Bohemian textiles were all the rage last year, but this year they may come off looking forced and a little busy. Especially with the onset of the fresh new season, and with the incline in popularity of minimalist living, let your home decor reflect those two factors.

All neutral colour palettes: There will always be a need for neutral when it comes to home decor, whether that neutral is white, cream, beige or grey. Too many of those soft, somber shades can come off bland. Utilize colours this Spring and bring life and individuality into your home.

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