Carson Arthur’s advice on WHEN’S THE RIGHT TIME TO PRUNE A SHRUB? The general rule of thumb advice is you never prune a shrub until after it’s bloomed. Once it’s bloomed, you usually have a few weeks before that shrub sets flower buds for the next season. If you are unsure or your shurb doesn’t bloom, don’t prune it until all the leaves have fallen off. Once it’s gone dormant, it’s much easier for the plant to recover after heavy pruning. – Carson Arthur will appear in Season 4 of Home to Win, premiering on HGTV Canada this fall.

Carson Arthur home advice for a sunroom is the perfect blend of outdoor living with indoor comfort and you can extend that comfort with a few thoughtful details. Sunlight Illuminated Valances provide the same color of light as the sun to spread a soft glow throughout the room even in the late evening or on cloudy days. SunShades are another great choice. These roller blinds provide privacy without leaving the room in darkness. These two options will let you enjoy your favorite room in your house in all types of weather! – Bob Newnham,

Carson Arthur advises on THE BENEFITS OF HAVING MY WINDOWS PROFESSIONALLY CLEANED AND HOW OFTEN SHOULD IT BE DONE? Having your windows professionally cleaned means you never need to think about your windows again. They will be so clean it’s like they aren’t even there and your home is brighter and feels fresh. For the best view all year-round we suggest getting your windows cleaned three times (spring, summer and fall). We offer a bundled package for three appointments which includes a free deep screen cleaning with the spring visit and screen storage at the fall visit (so you can see out of your windows in winter).
Safety and quality are important when selecting a window cleaning professional. We guarantee every window we clean and use water-fed poles for all exterior window cleaning, which keeps technicians safely off of ladders. By using years of industry experience and technology, we’re able to bring affordable, professional window cleaning to everyone. All of our technicians are uniformed, bonded and insured. – Jake Buffin, Elite Window Cleaning,

According to Carson Arthur home advice, repairing an old deck can be both an ecologically friendly and budget-savvy alternative to demolishing and rebuilding. It is important that the repairs are done properly by an experienced professional to ensure the deck is safe and will remain usable for many years to come! While you can easily slap a coat of paint on an old deck yourself, a professional will inspect your deck and alert you to any damage that could affect the safety and longevity of the deck. I advise these issues should be dealt with first because hidden issues like rotting boards or damaged supports can’t be fixed with a coat of paint. Once we have repaired any damage we find, we can then give the deck a professional finish so it will both look new AND be safe! – Top Choice Contracting,

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