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What are ICF Foundations

What are ICF Foundations BENEFITS? ICF is short for Insulated Concrete Forms. ICF blocks are fitted together, laced with rebar and filled with concrete. The thick concrete core protects against heat, cold, noise, pollution, allergens, fire, and mother nature herself for a stronger, more energy-efficient, quiet, and comfortable home. They are light and easy to assemble, allowing projects to be completed quicker than traditional construction projects. ICF is also a green choice as they do not degrade or decay, lose it’s insulative value over time and is designed with a repeating interlock pattern, so during construction, there is less waste. What are ICF Foundations BENEFITS? The result is a healthier, more efficient home that can stand up to just about anything. – WALL-Up Carpentry,

Planning a reno or construction project? Budget and finances are the key facets that will determine the success and stress level of your renovation or full construction project. There are many options available today including grants, rebates, home equity line of credits and other financing programs. It can become overwhelming trying to determine which options are best for you.

You trust your renovations to a professional because you understand that they have extensive knowledge based on years of experience. The same should go for the financial side of the renovation. Rather than trying to navigate the various options for yourself, work with a Mortgage Professional who has the knowledge and experience in all aspects of financing. They can help you determine which options fit your needs and may even be able to offer options you didn’t realize existed! – Jeffrey Kioussis,

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