And we’ll have fun, fun,  fun…in the summer sun!  I have talked about how our colour preference is linked to memories in previous blogs, so get out there this summer with your friends and family and make some memories!

A positive or negative reaction to colour is often linked to childhood memories.  Our judgement of colour is not just based on what we see, but also on what we feel.  We really never forget colour.

A colour professional’s job is to ask the right questions to get you to remember those happy memories and the colours that surround them. So surround yourself with paint, decor or clothing with those colours that make you feel good.

Below are some fun summertime images that I hope make you feel awesome.  I have also included some fantastic colour combinations that capture those warm summertime memories.

summer daisiesSummer Daisies

Colours: Kiwi CLV1138N, Edible Root CL1981W, Alexander CL2231W,

Pulpit Peak CLW1045W, Floating CL2201W

summer girl                                                           Summer Scents

Colours:  Flourishing CL2923M,  Mercury CL2887N, Pulpit Peak CLW1045W,

Billable Hours CL2985D, Plot CL1754D 

summer camping                                                     Summer Camping

Colours:  Rosemary CL1946D, Stumble CLV1134N, Sample Pot CL3083W,

Boundry CL3177N, Portage CLV1184N

summer cottage                                                            Summer Boats

Colours: Lava Cap CLC 1260N, Cornice CL3193W, Stoney Plain CLW1037W,

Fate CL3225D, Eclipse CL3257N

summer road trip                                                      Summer Road Trips 

Colours:  Deer Feather CLW1047W, Portage CLV1184N,

Harvest Mist CL1544D, Touch Wood CL3266A, 

summer swim lessons                                                 Summer Swim Lessons

Colours:  Twintree CL1747N, Still Life CL2192W, Niknam CL3061W,

War Eagle CL1587N, Stein Valley CL1463W

summer visit                                                          Summer Visits

Colours:  Wax Myrtle CLW1039W, Crows Head CL3167N,

Tobacco Stem CL2947N, Chat Up CL2714M, Flaxen CL2786A

summer wedding                                                     Summer Weddings

Colours:  Heirarchy CL2502W, Wallabie CL2607N, Great Divide CL3203M,

Friendly Face CL2534M, Portage CLV1184N

summer fun

              Summer Fun

Colours: Kiwi CLV1138N, Jibb CL2203W, Goat`s Beard CL2071W, 

Studio CL1756N, Tiger Lily CL1515A

Have a great summer everyone.  Enjoy yourselves, make some colourful memories and I hope you do a little relaxing as well!!

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What colours remind you of summer?

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