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Appliance Technologies for Modern Kitchens

The 19th century saw the inception of many of the appliances we know and depend on today. This includes small appliances like the electric mixer (patented in 1885) as well as big appliances like the dishwasher (patented in 1850). Since that time, the appliance industry has come a long way. Thanks to the integration of smart technology, household appliances have long surpassed mere functionality. Wi-Fi connectivity is becoming much more commonplace, making it possible to facilitate anything from your grocery list to your appliance functionality from your smartphone. That being said, Wi-Fi connectivity isn’t the only exciting development in appliances as of late, so keep reading for our rundown of the latest, greatest, and smartest in appliance innovation.


Premium Design

As far as appliances go, investing in premium tends to be well worth the cost. Premium appliances may come at a higher price, but they also tend to be better built, with advanced features and customizable options. These qualities will ensure your appliances stay relevant for longer. DacorMieleSub-Zero and Wolf are all great examples of premium brands specializing in upscale luxury. 


The Power of Steam

Once you discover the power of steam, you won’t be able to live without it. When harnessed correctly, steam can do so many useful things, including improving the performance of dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, and ovens. A great example is this Renaissance 30″ Single Wall Oven, by Dacor, which utilizes GreenClean™ steam cleaning technology. Visit the Tasco Appliances website to read more about The Power of Steam.


Induction Technology

Induction technology makes for safer and faster cooking and even distribution of heat. Take this 15″ Transitional Induction Cooktop by Wolf. In addition to a sleek and contemporary design, the Wolf cooktop features magnetic induction technology, cookware sensing, illuminated touch controls, and a 40 percent faster response time. Visit the Tasco Appliances website to read more about Gas vs. Induction


Environmental Consciousness

Appliances account for roughly 12 percent of energy consumption in Canadian households. Purchasing appliances with an ENERGYSTAR label is one simple and effective way to lessen your consumption. On average, an ENERGYSTAR rated refrigerator uses 10 percent less energy than a standard model, making ENERGYSTAR the obvious choice.


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