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Ask an Expert: Hiring a Pro to Repaint a Home

My home’s exterior needs to be repainted. Should I attempt to DIY it or hire a pro?

Exterior paint, when properly applied, helps shield the surface from the regular day-to-day damage of weathering, temperature changes, and sunlight. Most exterior surfaces will last longer and look better when properly treated with paint, plus you get a brand new look for your home and a boost in curb appeal!

The quality of the paint you are using is extremely important. Spray-Net formulates their own brand of industrial-strength coating and they apply it using their specialized equipment and technique. Each coatings is tailored to the specific exterior surface to ensure maximum adhesion and a premium factory-quality finish that won’t peel and leaves your home looking brand new, not repainted. Plus, you have peace of mind with their fifteen year no-peel warranty that you won’t be repainting every few years!

Painting your home’s exterior on your own can be a major project. Using a professional service means you can focus on smaller and easier projects. With Spray-Net, most projects are complete within a day! If you’re considering refreshing the look of your aluminum siding, vinyl siding, brick, stucco or even your doors and windows, definitely hire a pro! – Melissa Grasso,

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