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This bathroom was a 1980s original. It was dated, had low counters, blue tiles, vinyl flooring, a small dark shower and
lacked storage. The space was great size-wise but was underutilized, so it needed a complete gut job! We tore everything out and started fresh.

It was important to consider resale value for this project, so I kept a more traditional style with neutral gray color tones. I added a large freestanding marble tiled shower with all black trim and accessories in one corner. This modernized the
space and opened it up visually.

Across from the shower, a freestanding soaker tub was installed beneath a stunning electric fireplace! When including
an electric fireplace in a bathroom, it is important to ensure the unit is far enough away from water sources yet close
enough to enjoy. I selected a Dimplex Prism 34” wall-mounted fireplace with an Acrylic Ember Bed for this project. The fireplace creates the ambiance I was looking for with a prism flame effect illuminating the diamond-like embers, adding a deep richness and warmth to the space. It’s set back in the wall, over the tub (at a safe distance) to create a spa-like feel that any homeowner would want.

Initially, this bathroom was quite dark and lacked proper lighting. I opted to add more lighting above the vanity along with pot lights throughout the bathroom and a statement chandelier above the tub. As a special touch, all lighting is also installed with dimmers! You can fill that tub with bubbles, dial down those beautiful lights with a dimmer, turn the fireplace on, and you have an instant escape.

Space Designed by Jo Alcorn,
Photography by Jason Hartog,

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Canadian Home Trends' Style Editor, Jo Alcorn, Principle Designer and Founder of Alcorn Home. Jo has over 15 years experiences as a celebrity interior and home product designer, expert instructor, corporate ambassador, TV personality and a strong female entrepreneur, Jo has created a fabulous fan following. To add to credentials, she is a style editor & writer for multiple publications and blogs, a public speaker, and an avid animal/environmental advocate.

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