Sleep is essential to proper health and wellness. A lack of proper sleep can cause drowsiness, difficulty concentrating, headaches and irritability. A poor sleep, cause by an uncomfortable mattress, can also result in neck and joint pain. None of that sounds like a fun way to spend your summer weekends! That’s why it’s so important to ensure you select high quality mattresses for your cottage!

When planning your cottage upgrades for this summer, take a few moments to consider the hours you will spend in bed and ensure you have a mattress that will allow you to get a good night’s sleep so you can fully enjoy the days and evenings spent out on the lake!

When selecting a mattress for the cottage, you want to look for the same features you would look for at home! A high-quality therapeutic mattress should offer improved support for your spine, temperature regulation and quality materials that are better for your health and the environment!

Product Spotlight: The Pressure Balance Latex System™  by NSC Medical is comprised of a patented pressure balance latex top layer with a soy Medi-foam base. The soy Medi-foam base neutralizes off-gassing as well as reducing heat retention The patented pressure balance latex top layer uses individual beams that are inter-connected assisting with pressure point relief while still providing a cloud-like comfort.

Product Spotlight: Natural Elements™  by NSC Medical is a 100% all-natural latex mattress that provides  firm body support, spinal realignment, and natural content with no synthetics, providing a true hypoallergenic and natural sleep environment.

Product Spotlight: The Hybrid Articulating System ™ by NSC Medical offers an organic cotton cover with a natural latex interior for hypoallergenic properties. Soy-based Medi-foam and Medi-gel layers assist with spinal
realignment, pressure point relief, and regulating surface temperatures.

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