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Bohemian VS Urban: Evelyn’s Dining Room Double Take

Design and Event Editor, Evelyn Eshun, creates two dining rooms with their own unique design personalities. –  Photography Larry Arnal

Designer Tip: When purchasing dining room furniture, you can mix and match to create your own unique look!


Luxurious textures and monochromatic color schemes will always yield a sophisticated and elegant look. I chose a wooden table which adds a welcoming warmth to the cool, contemporary color scheme. One of the easiest ways to change the personality of a room is with artwork. For this space, I chose a floral print that is soft and mesmerizing without being too feminine or traditional. I continued this soft yet modern look with an elegant area rug in a raised pile pattern and rounded back chairs. This look is perfect for those who want a sophisticated, urban home with a classic look that has a contemporary edge to it.

Elegant florals, mirrored surfaces and luxurious upholstery create a sophisticated, glamorous look. Featured here: Dutch Bloom Artwork, Harlow Dining Chair, Taormina Mirrored Chest, Zilli Home Interiors


Using textures and mixing materials creates a youthful and fresh look with a hint of glamour. The artwork offers a contemporary expression of bold color and metallic finishes which are subjective and fun. Craftsman-like accessories, like a brushed gold hollowed out sphere with a sophisticated yet imperfect shape, give this room a casual, folksy look. This look is perfect for those who want to include some crafty DIY projects in their décor. This dining room expresses the personality of an individual who wants to mix it up with a sophisticated yet casual look that offers whimsical glam.

Mix and match this table with stylish chairs and a bench to create a relaxed yet elegant look. Bleecker Side Chair, Madison Host Chair, Modern Bench, Zilli Home Interiors


For these dining rooms, I wanted each look to reflect a different personality while still maintaining a glamorous and sophisticated feel. I chose to design each space around Zilli Home Interiors‘ Belford dining table which offers a classic, timeless shape with a modern, fresh light oak finish. This dining table is luxurious and sophisticated but the simple, clean lines of its design allow it to work well with a wide variety of chairs and accessories so you can truly customize your look.

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Evelyn Eshun has been providing creative Interior Design solutions for her Residential Clients in the Toronto area for over a decade. Principal Designer at Evelyn Eshun Interior Design, Evelyn has participated in various Television programs over the years in addition to her Design business. With a passion for design and travel, Evelyn has translated her extensive and various experiences into a design philosophy which puts the Client’s needs and functional needs first. Always striving for a unique and personalized solution for each Client, Evelyn prides herself on creating interiors which will stand the test of time. Whether transforming an old and tired property into a vibrant home or simply finishing a home with the decorating touches which make a house a home, the goal is always to collaborate with Homeowner, Trades and Suppliers to finish the project successfully.

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