This Valentine’s Day, it’s OK to have some commitment-free fun; as long as we’re talking about Washi Tape. It’s temporary, super fun and so easy that it all seems a bit naughty!

To Washi With Love

To Washi With Love

Up until recently, I must admit I was a bit of a “Washi” virgin. Shhh – don’t tell anyone! Now that I have been touched for the very first time by this new friend with many DIY benefits, I don’t think I will be able to stop finding uses for this fun and versatile product. You can “do it” on just about anything and the fact that it’s so removeable means there is no long term commitment!

I happened to come across some Scotch Washi Tape while shopping the other day and was immediately captivated – it is inexpensive and available in so many juicy and even metallic colors. I wanted to buy everyone but decided to stick to shades of love for a quick Valentine’s DIY! I had also recently purchased some artist canvas at Curry’s – my fave art supply store. I thought it would be fun to experiment on the canvases using the removable washi tape knowing that if I get bored I can peel off the tape and re-use the canvases again.

I love anything Chanel. (In case you’re wondering what to get your significant other for Valentine’s Day, Chanel is always a classy and well-received gift!) However, like all good things, Chanel isn’t cheap and if you’re on a budget, a little Washi Tape art is a great way to express yourself and your love. just in case your love is prone to tantrums and slapping, go ahead and make the art but for safety reasons, do try to buy the perfume as well.

mantelcloseupTHE BOTTLE

To make the Washi Tape Chanel bottle canvas art, first, paint an artist canvas with a coat or two of latex paint in the color of your choice. I purchased sample sizes from the Home Depot which is super affordable and the perfect amount of paint you will need for this project. Once the paint has dried, apply a thin banding of black Washi Tape (very Coco Chanel) around the outside edge of the canvas using scissors to trim the tape perfectly.

I used the whole canvas to create the Chanel bottle shape for greater impact. Starting at the top, I taped out the lid and worked downward creating the neck of the bottle, the body, and eventually the entire bottle outline. Cut pieces of Washi Tape to perfect size for the outline as you go. Once your bottle outline is created, if it is not perfectly straight, you can lift up the Washi Tape and adjust until perfect.

mantelcloseup2LABEL OF LOVE

To make the label, I used the Washi Tape to create a simple box within the bottle outline and carefully centered gold letter stickers from Wal-Mart that closely resembled the Chanel font.

Tip: You could also use a sharpie or gold pen and scribble your own message of love inside the label for a more personal touch.


I made another easy canvas art piece by painting with an artist brush simple but bold, pink XOXO’s all over a plain white canvas for a grand and loving graphic effect. The best part – it takes virtually no time at all to create this DIY masterpiece!


I also painted my decorative fireplace mantle pink to match and used my leftover black Washi Tape to outline some of the details on the mantle for a more fabulous effect.

Here’s Washi-ing you a Happy and Loving Valentine’s Day!

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