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If you take an afternoon to tour The Cottages at Osoyoos and talk to the home owners in the community, you’ll find a similar theme from one to the next. Over and over, homeowners will tell you that one of the things they love most about The Cottages at Osoyoos is the sense of friendship that has developed between the homeowners within the community. After talking to many different homeowners, there are a few common elements that tend to lead to this type of close knit community environment.

Plenty of Opportunities to Bump Into Each Other

The Cottages features 2,600 feet of walking trails which wind through-out the community. You can find individuals and groups out enjoying a stroll almost any time of day, often stopping to say hello to others they bump into along the way. The community center offers a gym, a hot tub and a pool and you’ll also find a private beach, marina, and dog park on site, offering plenty of opportunities to meet other community members with similar interests. This wide selection of community areas means there are constantly opportunities to get out and connect with other community members right at home.

Special Community Events

The community center at The Cottages offers plenty of indoor and outdoor space with a BBQ area and a full kitchen as well. Homeowners often mention enjoying events at the community center, be it a summer BBQ, a fall potluck, a wine & cheese night or a games night! This space is open to homeowners to use, offering the opportunity to organize community events that will let you meet other homeowners, make new friends or connect with other homeowners with similar interests! Love to scrapbook? Plan a scrapbook or craft night! Enjoy a great game of hockey? Plan a hockey night to watch the game with other hockey lovers in the community! This is a great way to find common interests and develop strong friendships within the community!

Meeting New Neighbors

Being an outsider in a new community can be daunting but not at The Cottages and it’s easy to see why. Homeowners love the community so much that they are excited whenever someone new moves in. Spend a weekend at The Cottages and you will find that many of the homeowners will go out of their way to say hello, introduce themselves and start up a conversation. You immediately feel welcomed and at home, with new friendships developing effortlessly! This sense of excitement is contagious and before you know it, you’ll find yourself excited to approach a new face, introduce yourself and welcome them to the community as well!

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