So you have a small house? Ironically enough, the most prominent limitation people face when it comes to “tiny houses” is the fact that they see lesser size as a limitation but this mentality is quickly changing. In addition to being fiscally friendly, small house designs also boast low maintenance, low stress vibes, and what’s so limiting about that? Keep reading for tips on how to strategically design and decorate the exterior of your small home.  


Keep it Tidy 

While some amount of shrubbery will lend a look of lusciousness and grandeur to any exterior, too much will take away from the home. With a small home in particular, overpowering greenery is going to end up making the home look scaled down, so your best bet is to landscape with a minimalistic mindset.  


Keep the Color Scheme Simple 

Light hues tend to reflect light better, so if you’re puzzling over what colors to choose to paint your home, including the accenting features and trim, think: gray, white, sage green or light blue. To personalize a light color scheme, get creative with accents, such as house numbers or your mailbox. Still stuck on what color to paint your home? You may like our article, The Best Hues for Your Home’s Exterior. (Link-article not published yet) 


Embrace Architectural Style 

It’s a common misconception that small homes can’t pull off unique architectural detailing. Contrary to that belief, when done tastefully, architectural features can actually bring out a sense of visual depth to the home which you simply couldn’t achieve with flat color and lack of detailing. Geometry is a good example of architectural detailing. 


Create a Focal Point  

The purpose of a focal point is to catch and draw the eye to a pre-specified location.  Keeping that location close to the low center will lend the illusion of depth to the exterior of your home. A good place to designate as your home’s focal point is your front door, and if you have one, your front porch.  


Enlarge Your Windows 

Designing your small home with large windows will benefit you twice over. For one, large windows will encourage more light and air flow within the home, lending it an airy and spacious vibe. From an exterior perspective, enlarged windows will enforce that coveted sense of depth we’ve been talking so much about.

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