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Custom Build Design Tips To Maximize Your Resale Value

Custom-built homes allow you to choose the layout, materials, and home that you have always dreamed of for you and your family. However, considering resale value is important when designing your custom-built home. This ensures that you can get top dollar when you’re ready to sell.

Choose Sustainable and Trending Materials

Today’s home buyers want sustainable materials. When custom building a home, you have the option to consider what materials are used. Stone is an excellent material option that’s sustainable, low-maintenance, and eco-friendly. Cob is another natural material that’s easy to work with that’s also budget-friendly. Other eco-friendly materials to consider include bamboo and cork.

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Stick With an Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans first appeared in the 1950s but have continued to be an in-demand, popular home design trend. In fact, even though open floor plans have been around for many years, they’re still considered modern. This means that using an open floor plan in your custom home design will also likely appeal to home buyers.

You Can Never Have Too Much Kitchen Storage or Counter Space

Large, spacious kitchens are among the most popular desires when shopping for a new home in today’s market. You can never have too much kitchen storage or counter space. While kitchen designs and colors may change with the times, storage space will always be trending. Incorporating ample cabinets and counters in the kitchen will help you sell your home.

Remember, Location Is Important

Even the most appealing custom-built home will have difficulty selling if it’s in the middle of nowhere. While rural living may appeal to some home buyers, most people consider location a priority when buying a new home. Choosing a location near schools, restaurants, retail, and grocery stores can make your home more appealing when you’re ready to sell.

It can also be helpful to consider the cost of living and average home price in the area you plan to build. If you design a home that exceeds the average home price in the local area, it may be more difficult to sell at the price you want. There are many excellent vacant lots to custom-build your next home in the Haliburton area.

Don’t Forget About Storage

Storage space is also a key component of any desirable home. Additionally, both you and future buyers can benefit from ample storage space. You might consider a custom shed, a spacious garage, or a basement. You might even request built-in cabinets or shelves to increase your storage space. Ensure each home’s closets, bathrooms, and bedrooms have sufficient space. You can also use the roof in the garage or attic to add more built-in storage space. Your custom home builder may also have some unique ideas to increase the storage space in the home.

Photo Source: Gilbert & Burke

Choose Subtle, Neutral Colors

Choosing subtle, neutral colors helps meet a wider range of design preferences. Of course, you can always play around with bright, bold colors and paint over them later when you decide to move. You can also personalize your home with carpeting, rugs, or accent walls, which are easy to replace or refresh later.

Implement Modern Technologies in the Home Design

One of the biggest benefits of custom building a home is that you can choose the features within the home. Modern technologies will continue to be in demand while also helping you with daily life. Artificial intelligence (AI) can make your home more secure and accommodating. Future buyers will also love the many built-in technologies that come with the home.

A few excellent modern technologies to consider include smart lights, automated security systems, smart appliances, and remote-activated locks. In fact, safety and security are a priority for today’s home buyers. Not only do buyers want to choose homes in safe neighborhoods, but they also want homes with technologies that improve overall security and safety.

Consider a Larger Lot Size

The lot size is also important when choosing to custom-build a house. Not only do you want enough space for your dream home, but you’ll likely also want to leave ample room for a yard. Whether you entertain, enjoy gardening, or have kids, a backyard space may be a priority when buying a house, custom-built or not.

Leaving extra lot room can also make your home appealing to buyers because of the larger yard. A bigger yard also gives them more room to build additions if they want more bedrooms or bathrooms.

The purpose of a custom-built home may be to create something that meets your exact home-buying needs. Yet, keeping a few trending styles and in-demand features in mind can ensure you maintain a positive resale value.

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