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decorative concrete

For the past 20 years, Kencrete Contracting has been turning concrete surfaces into decorative works of art. Kencrete is well-known for providing friendly, professional service, a clean job site, top quality workmanship and on time completion. Ken is passionate about working with each customer to ensure a clear vision of their project and bringing it to life for them. We sat down with Ken McLennan of Kencrete Contracting to learn a bit more about his business.

decorative concrete

CHT What made you decide to get started with decorative concrete?

KM I originally started when the decorative concrete trend was just starting here in British Columbia. The more standard finishes had become repetitive and lacking in challenge so the opportunity to try new styles was appealing to me.

CHT What inspires your designs?

KM The designs are generally inspired by the setting. I try to blend the design with the existing home as well as the landscape and nature surrounding the project.

decorative concrete

CHT What trends are you seeing right now?

KM Stamped concrete is still very popular because of its versatility but thin, crisp sawcuts are growing in popularity in some areas. It’s also popular for areas to be separated into several smaller pads of varying shapes and sizes with either river rock or turf in between the panels. This style is popular because it is very open to adaptation and has a classy, modern, sleek look.

CHT What is a common mistake you see homeowners making?

KM The only common mistake that I get from customers is the belief that good concrete won’t crack. The truth is, there is no way to guarantee that it won’t. What can be guaranteed is that with proper grade prep, rebar installed and cuts, we can control where the concrete cracks to a large degree and most of all guarantee that any cracks that do occur will never separate or heave and become a trip hazard.

decorative concrete

CHT If you could go back 15 years, what advice would you give yourself?

KM Without a doubt, I would tell myself to do a better job of taking care of myself and learn when to take a break.

Kencrete Contracting, www.kencretecontracting.com

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