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Planning the Perfect Staycation

Planning the Perfect Staycation. While travel restrictions have slowly started to lift in some areas, many people are rethinking their summer travel plans and making adjustments to their summer holidays to stay closer to home and keep their loved ones safe.  If you’re on that list, now is the time to consider a staycation!  A staycation is a vacation that you take at home, or close to home. With a little planning, it can be just as memorable as any vacation you’ve ever had!

How can Staying Home be Fun?

There are so many options on ways to make your staycation exciting and fun for the whole family. With the multitude of new places and things to explore, there are endless possibilities for you and your family.  If you want to avoid large groups of people, there are hiking trails for you to enjoy in places you’ve never been where you can ski, snowshoe, or track on foot and find serenity in nature. If you don’t mind the crowds, you can become a tourist in an area close to you – take a drive, see new sites, immerse yourself in local activities and architecture. There are even countless options if you choose to stay at your home! Children of every age love trying new things! Cook or bake together, create games or activities, color, build puzzles, play games, read, have a family movie night, have a sand castle building contest in the sandbox – the list is never-ending. 

The key is to have a plan. It’s very easy to fall into the “stuck at home” rut of TV time and sleeping in, with the days going by in a boring blur. Instead, plan a “travel itinerary” for your staycation! Of course, leave time for rest and relaxation – but intentionally schedule specific family activities into each day to avoid falling into that rut and to ensure each day is used to build a new family memory together!

Get That Fresh Feeling

If you have been thinking about updating or changing things around in your home, now is the time! Grab some paint at a local hardware store and change the look of your home instantly. Grab some fresh linens from a nearby store or warehouse. Redecorate with different colored pictures, ornaments, accent pieces, or throw rugs. Create your own oasis now that you have the time to do so. With everything changed up, you will feel like you are on a vacation right at home and changes in the home bring calm, pride, and a sense of something new.

In Planning the Perfect Staycation, not only will you feel like you’ve accomplished something during your time at home, but you’ll also create an environment that feels fresh and new, like getting away to a hotel or a resort, but right in your own home! Every year, homeowners will use home equity or personal loans to help fund dream family vacations. With a staycation, you can use those funds to invest back into your own home with updates and changes that you’ll be able to enjoy for many months to come while also potentially increasing your home value and still making precious memories at the same time!

For more information on how you can use the equity in your home to create the staycation you didn’t realize you dreamed about, talk to a Tribecca finance expert today!

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