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Let’s face it.  In our culture, women have historically been faced with the bigger burden when it comes to maintaining a specific set of beauty standards – arguably the most important of which is a youthful appearance.  Pair this with the endless to-do lists that go hand-in-hand with being a breadwinner, entrepreneur, friend, parent, and/or spouse, and it is little surprise that many women do not consistently set aside time to truly take care of themselves.  Instead, it can be tempting to ‘multitask’ self care.  Rather than taking steps to ease the stressors that prey upon the mind and wreak havoc on the body, women may engage in a variety of ‘beauty treatments’ – some of which may be toxic and have side effects.  These treatments include nail polish, eyelash extensions, daily makeup rituals, botox, and laser procedures.

But the arrival of an unprecedented global pandemic in March 2020 brought many of these more superficial regimens to a halt.  With lockdowns in effect, salon appointments were paused for months on end and keeping up physical appearances no longer demanded the same amount of attention.  This opportunity to slow down and really sit with ourselves invited us to reassess our priorities, explore new interests, and commit to significant lifestyle changes (whether we embraced them or not).

self care

As restrictions ease, and we reemerge into a more familiar – yet forever altered – social existence, most of us have realized that we likely have new (or newly acknowledged) needs that must continue to be addressed.  It can be overwhelming, even paralyzing for some, to find the perfect balance, which is why it is more important than ever before to identify a regimen that feels sustainable for your evolving lifestyle.  This may look like making time for a walk during your lunch hour so that you don’t dive right back into emails when you have finished eating, or joining the yoga studio you’ve been walking by for months that has finally opened again.

One of our favourite ways to obtain a secure grounded feeling, reduce stress is acupuncture.  Scientifically proven to relieve symptoms like anxiety, insomnia, and physical pain, acupuncture is extremely beneficial to your overall health and wellness.  Better yet, it is a natural alternative to the types of treatments mentioned above.  Facial acupuncture treatments can help improve the appearance of the face specifically in relation to redness, wrinkles, stress lines, and acne, all without the harmful side effects.  The face is treated as part of a full body treatment that is focused on both creating a healthful glow from the inside out, and any other issues that may be present on the day of treatment. Both emotional and physical well-being are treated – nothing is off limits!

If you have yet to experience an acupuncture treatment, you may be surprised to learn that it is not usually painful.  Facial acupuncture is most effective when treatments are performed on a twice-weekly basis, but since the whole body is also treated with each session, you may also fall in love with the broader benefits acupuncture has to offer, and how it leaves you feeling.

Wherever this information takes you, it is important to ensure that your self care routine is just right for you – and is something that brings you joy just by thinking about doing it.

Text by Kristina Dragnea, Mindful Maelstrom

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