A patio is part of your home, and you want it to look as nice as the inside of your house. We find ourselves going to relax outside in the fresh air when the patio decor offers a space for us to relax. Patio decor ideas can be things to add comfort to the space, or the ideas can be practical ways to make good use of the space.


Your patio can be a place to grow your herbs and vegetables as well as some fruit. You can grow these items in pots on your patio to provide some color and smell to a dull area. Can you just imagine lying in a lounge chair on your patio and smelling the odor from these herbs and plants? Of course, you do need a comfortable lounge chair for your patio, and the chair and other furniture need to be chosen according to the space available for them. You need to have ample room to move around on your patio, and the furniture needs to be the right size to allow that to happen. An open look to the patio will be more desirable than a crowded patio with no room to move.


Once you have chosen the appropriate furniture to make your patio comfortable, you will need to consider the way you want to light up your patio. There are several ways that this can be done. A good source of lighting can make your patio safer and more secure. You can use lights near the walkways or on posts to show off the features of these areas. Solar lighting is one option for saving electricity for the walkways. Motion sensor lights are another option to add to your patio lighting for security reasons.


Is your patio private enough? Do you want the neighbors to see you relaxing on your patio? Some options to make your patio less visible and enhance the decor at the same time are to add a hedge or some shrubs. If you want something before these can grow big enough, then you can always add a trellis or some form of divider designed for a patio. To the trellis, you can add some ivy to climb up it to make a thicker coverage for privacy. The vines will not only help ensure that the neighbors can’t see you on the patio, but they will also offer a lot of detail and color to the patio decor.


Your patio needs to be appealing to your senses so that it can be a relaxing area. Adding additional features such as a water fountain can help you get this feeling of relaxation. The fountain will provide a soothing sound to help you relax as well as enhancing the decor. The outdoor patio with the lattice trellis, the pots of different plants, a soothing water feature and other additional features can create that relaxing mood that you want. Add some colorful outdoor cushions to the furniture, and you are ready to take a relaxing nap.

Kelly writes for Patio Shoppers, focusing on patio design using outdoor umbrellas and furnishings.

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