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Designers’ Trend Predictions – Warm colors like camel (Earthy Cane, Dulux) and green (Night Watch, Dulux 2019 Color of the Year) are coming on strong. A great way to use these colors is to mix them with other popular colors. For example, adding green to a navy scheme or camel to a neutral gray scheme will add depth and warmth to the room. I am also seeing a resurgence in faux finishes, graduated colors and ombre patterns. This is a fresh way to blend two colors and create drama. – Gabriele Pizzale,

In an effort to bring authentic personality into a space, we are increasingly looking toward sculptural lighting, made by makers with interesting combinations of materials and unique finishes. Shades of black (Black Forest, Dulux) and white (Gypsum, Dulux) are always dramatic and appealing, especially together. – Lisa Stevens,

In 2019 Designers’ Trend Predictions, I expect to see the trend move to deeper, more grounded hues like midnight blues (Mountain Lake, Dulux) and black. Different shades of dark blue can be seen in fabric, furniture, accessories, wallpaper, etc. Black will stay present in lighting, plumbing fixtures, millwork, fabrics and other interior elements with gold (Gold Ticket, Liquid Metal) adding sparkle and luxury to the more transitional application of the above colors. – Negar Reihani,

Some of my favorite colors for 2019 are vibrant berry and current inspired tones (Chilled Wine, Dulux) that make a huge statement. I also expect to see greige (a warmer gray) and creams (Willow Springs, Dulux) making a huge comeback. For décor and accessories, rounded sofas, natural wood accents, light oak floors and non-traditional moldings will all play a big part in design for 2019! – Yvonne Whelan,

Beige is making a comeback but in a more buff hue (Pale Taupe, Dulux) in 2019. We’ll also see a more saturated, deep blue (Smoke Blue, Dulux) that is powerful yet calming with a slight black undertone. For furniture and accessories, we will see a lot of warm tones and shades of rust and amber along with geometric patterns and shapes. – Karla Dreyer Design,

In 2019, I expect to see a lot of pastels, dusty blues (Nautical Star, Dulux) and greens (Bahia Grass, Dulux). (Shown with Elusion, Dulux) A growing trend is color matching with walls and accents in the same color. I also think natural wood wallpaper and pretty accessories will be a popular choice. – Kendall Ansell,

Designers’ Trend Predictions is that blue is always a great go-to color, however in 2019, I see the color having a gray undertone and hint of green (Baritone or Chalky Blue, Dulux). Pink has been very popular and I expect to see pinks with a coral undertone in the coming year (Siesta Rose, Dulux). It’s a more elegant, classic and vibrant version of pink which is a very useable color with any décor. Another trend I see changing in 2019 is wallpaper; moving away from flowers and birds to more geometric patterns that work well with a wide variety of design styles and can be coordinated with other patterns in the room. – Jacklynn Little,

Matte black continues to be everywhere; in furniture, accessories, light fixtures, appliances and plumbing fixtures. I love to use hits of black in spaces, so I’m loving this trend! Graphic black (Onyx, Dulux) and white (Delicate White, Dulux) color palettes create a wonderful backdrop that pairs beautifully with another color trend we’re seeing now: warm hues like rust, clay, burnt orange, mustard yellow and dusty pinks. Indoor plants have been an important element of decorating for a few years and this trend will continue. Plants add a natural vibe, a great pop of green and life to a room. – Robbin Caskenette Interiors,

We’ll see warmer greige tones (Hourglass, Dulux) as neutrals in 2019, paired with cool charcoal grays, rich jewel tones, and deeper earth tones. I believe we’ll also see more color in painted cabinetry, both in dark tones and in pastels like the smoky blue green (Nautical Star, Dulux) in this laundry room. Elaborate tile patterns and shapes in backsplashes and flooring will continue for 2019 as well as more emphasis on ceilings with color, wallpaper, and architectural detail. – Jillian Straky,

We will see a lot more deep greens (Blarney Stone, Dulux) and sophisticated pinks (Magenta, Dulux) in 2019. These colors pair well with the grays and blues that have been popular for a while and their jewel tones work well with rich metal tones. We can expect to see plenty of curves, velvet textures and natural wood tones as well. – Glen Peloso,

While we will still be painting walls white, they will have a pastel undertone such as a pale grayed out lilac or apricot for 2019 (Guardian Angel, Dulux)! Colors will be warmer, earthy tones (Nutmeg, Dulux) which pair well with pastels, whites and warm grays. We are bringing the outdoors in with more natural finishes of wood and stone, linen bedding, undyed wool rugs, artisan made products, plants and plenty of natural light. Minimizing clutter and incorporating textures rather than patterns are key to making this trend work. – Trish Knight,

Rich gray is one of my favorite colors for 2019. I also see a big shift towards pastels that will continue in 2019, like this pastel pink (Apricot Cream, Dulux) that is perfect for this room. (Also Shown: Silent Night, Dulux) I am also expecting to see electric opening wine fridges as a popular choice for kitchens and in-home bars! I love the Liebherr Integrated Panel Refrigerator. It uses an electric driver with soft-touch opening and closing. If left open, the fridge will suction itself closed and will open with the touch of a finger. – Jamie Banfield,

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  • I love all of the rich darker blues and greens we are doing now in design, especially when you pair them with black and brushed brass accessories , lighting and plumbing fixtures