If your laundry room is merely an afterthought, perhaps it’s time to renew your take on this important room. Just a few years ago, frill-free and forlorn was the norm when it came to laundry rooms, but contemporary trends have since redefined that norm, citing the modern laundry room as an accessible, stylish place that homeowners actually want to spend time in.

Designer Kelsey Kosman, of Dollhouse Design, shares some tips on modern laundry room design, and speaks to an advancement in drain pump technology, which makes the task of modernizing your laundry room system much more feasible, flexible, and cost-effective.


Front-Loading Machines

When faced with the choice between front-loading or top-loading washer/dryers, Kelsey recommends the former for a very practical reason. Employing front-loading systems frees up invaluable space for folding on the top of the machine, and homeowners can better capitalize on that space by utilizing a laminate countertop piece as a tabletop.


Cheerful Color Use

Paint and vibrant color use is an effective (not to mention, economical) way to improve your experience doing every-day chores. Salt Spring, by Beauti-Tone, is a fresh, bright, and optimistic hue – perfect for lending visual intrigue to your laundry room walls. Go one step further and supplement with some creative laundry-room-themed wall art.


Location, Location, Location

As far as location goes, laundry rooms tend to inhabit less-than-prime real estate in the home, be it in the basement, adjacent to the garage, or tucked away behind the guest bathroom. That said, as a family of two grows into a family of three, four, or five, having your laundry room at the bottom of a flight of stairs may end up being more of a hindrance than anticipated. The same can be said if you’re planning on aging in place.



At this point, you might be asking yourself: is relocation even feasible? Given the high costs associated with plumbing, uprooting your entire laundry system probably seems like more hassle than it’s worth. Enter: the SANISWIFT by Saniflo. The SANISWIFT is a modern drain pump which boasts compact design, high performance, and powerful and economical pumping action. Put simply, the SANISWIFT system makes it possible to mobilize a variety of sanitary fixtures, including the kitchen sink, shower, and laundry system. 



In addition to being economical, the SANISWIFT system forgoes the use of complicated, moving parts, and can contour neatly into tight spaces, no construction necessary. The SANISWIFT system is perfect for small spaces or rental units, and can be easily installed, DIY-style.

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