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DIY Elegant Painted Pumpkin Centerpiece


Dear Marc:

I want to create a great fall centerpiece that won’t look tacky. I despise the traditional ones that look like I dropped a few leaves and pumpkins on the table and called it a day. Do you have any ideas that could help me make a nice centerpiece?


Dear Abby:

Fall is a lovely time of year for nesting. Staying indoors and curling up by the fire seems to be what our hearts desire as the temperature falls, hinting that “snow weather” is in the air. Our homes fill with scents of pumpkin pie and turkey dinners. We have the urge to redecorate our homes to suit the season upon us, but we feel that the traditional decorations don’t jive with our personal style. What is one to do with such a dilemma? Do Fall and Halloween decorations have to be tacky? I say “no”! If we can have all these lavish decorations that follow the latest trends for Christmas, then why can’t we have the same for Fall?

As with any other season, adding a stellar centerpiece is the best way to add a splash of class to a special occasion. My personal favourite Fall centerpiece involves a lot of style with very little effort. I take fresh squash, spray paint them in different metallic colours, then add a touch of glam to them.


  • Squash in various shapes and sizes
  • Krylon Black Spray Paint
  • Krylon White Spray Paint
  • Krylon Silver Spray Paint
  • Stick-on Rhinestones

Step 1:

Spray paint the various squash in different colours. Let dry.

Step 2:

Apply rhinestones to the squash. Remember, less is more.

Step 3:

Arrange the painted squash in the center of your table to create a beautiful centerpiece.

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Marc Atiyolil is the editor-in-chief of the home décor publication, Home Trends Magazine. His charismatic, down to earth approach can be seen first hand as the co-host of the Marc & Mandy Show airing on networks across North America. His mantra, “Be bold, be different, be unique – Yet keep it simple” is reflected in all of his work. Marc is an avid promoter of breaking down the myths of design and offering simple alternatives to complicated design processes.