Here are Dulux Venetian Silk finish Instructions that are super easy to follow to create a gorgeous finish on your walls.

Gone are the days when textured accent walls required wallpaper or difficult painting techniques!

Dulux Venetian Silk Instructions

Dulux Venetian Silk Instructions Materials List

PREPARE THE AREA As with any paint job, the first step is to tape off the ceiling, trim, windows and side walls. Don’t forget about your outlets! You may also want to lay down a drop cloth to protect your floor.

START WITH THE BASE Roll on a single coat of the base coat in your chosen color and allow to dry.

APPLY YOUR TOP COAT When it comes to applying your top coat, stay away from your standard rollers and brushes. You will need two sizes of applicators; a larger plastic or stainless steel trowel for wide surface areas and a smaller plastic applicator for corners and tight areas.

Be cautious when coating your applicator with paint. Do not apply too much paint that it drips off.

Using the trowel, apply a thin layer of top coat in strokes across the wall and then use the smaller plastic applicator to finish corners and edges.

REPEAT For best results, allow your first top coat to dry for three hours before applying a second coat.

TIP: You can vary your look to suit your own style. For a uniform look, apply using strokes all in the same direction. For a more textured, dramatic look, apply strokes in multiple directions. You can also vary the length and curve of your strokes to change the look. Experiment with different styles to find the look that appeals to you! – Text by Zakiya Kassam

Your Questions Answered…

Should you paint ceilings matt or silk?

Choose a matt over a silk finish when painting ceilings. A matt sheen hides imperfections better by not highlighting bumps or slight errors in your ceiling’s finish. Most homeowners opt for a higher sheen on their walls to ensure that the surfaces is washable but there is no need for this on a ceiling. matt finish ceiling

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