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Donna’s Home Wrecker Kitchen



Donna’s Story:

Donna and her husband met, fell in love, got married and bought their home together all within a short 3 month time frame. Donna had no idea that she was marrying a home wrecker – but if she’s honest, he’s not the only one. After 15 years and 2 kids together, their attempts at home improvements has left their kitchen in disarray.

Donna’s son has many serious food allergies and health issues so to keep him healthy, everything is made at home. They have a large garden and the produce is preserved and used through-out the year. Donna spend a great deal of time in the kitchen which she refers to as “the black hole of the house.”

The kitchen features missing pieces of flooring with boards covering the holes, only 2 feet of useable counter space and minimal cupboard space.


We asked Donna:

How does the kitchen affect your life and your family life?

A lack of storage and work space makes almost any task in the kitchen more difficult. We rarely entertain and if we do, it’s during the summer when we can eat outside. Keeping the floors clean is nearly impossible making it difficult to maintain a safe and healthy environment.

What would your dream kitchen look like?

I can close my eyes and imagine what the kitchen could be. The kids and I often play “If I had a million dollars” and I picture new cupboards, better flooring and matching appliances that actually work. My son always smiles and promises that when he gets bigger, he’ll get me a new kitchen.

How would a new kitchen affect your life and your family life?

I grew up in the kitchen with my brothers and sisters playing games at the table, food fights, making cookies, chasing each other around the table with the dirty kitchen dish cloth, trying to wash their faces. My favourite was the jam bread in the morning smashed into my sisters face. Being the youngest I could get away with that. My Mom was very patient with us,letting us go crazy in there. These are all experiences my kids are loosing out on. A new kitchen would be a place where we could gather, make memories and entertain as a family.



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  • Yes, I have seen Donnas kitchen & it would drive me mad if I had a kitchen like hers. It is truly ugly (sorry Donna). It has great potential to be so beautiful and spacious. I have never seen anyone who works harder IN her kitchen. The processing & canning she does is incredible. She was telling me about her son & his issues & cannot believe the work they have to go through to make sure his food is 100% safe for him to consume. She came from a large family so she understands all the gardening & canning. Her cramped, kitchen with makeshift shelving & very limited counter space is truly in dire need of a complete overhaul. I know how grateful & deserving this family is. They also share their bounty with other people and help those less fortunate. I believe they all truly deserve a new kitchen.!!!

  • From the look of the pictures here it is plain to see all her dishes and utensils and everything else that should be in cupboards is sitting out. Because she has no cupboards. This is a very old farm house and a new kitchen would be so beautiful.

  • Wow, I couldn’t leave my toddlers alone for a second in that kitchen. You deserve to win!