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Jillian’s Vintage Nightmare



Jillian’s Story:

Jillian, a mother of two little ones age 3 1/2 and 2, suffered complete kidney failure in October of 2013. After For a year and a half, Jillian underwent dialysis 3 times a week for 4 hours at a time. In March of 2015, Jillian received a kidney donation and is now on the road to recovery but the process has taken a financial toll on the family, making a kitchen renovation a distant dream.

Jillian’s 200-year-oldhome featured old plaster walls that chip and break easily, allowing dust, insulation and bugs into the kitchen at any time. Makeshift cabinetry is crammed between doorways as the room features 6 different doorways making layout difficult. A burst pipe in an upstairs bathroom has caused parts of the ceiling to collapse and two very drafty windows have been boarded up leaving unsightly plywood in their place.


We asked Jillian:

How does the kitchen affect your life and your family life?

We never allow our children in the kitchen, it’s just not safe. It would be so nice to cook with the kids or entertain guests in the kitchen area. I feel we have this huge space we cannot enjoy.

What would your dream kitchen look like?

Our dream kitchen would be crisp, clean, bright and cheery. It would feature new appliances that actually work and a hassle-free countertop with beautiful, clean floors and an island for preparing meals!

How would a new kitchen affect your life and your family life?

A new kitchen would allow us to spend more time cooking and enjoying the space. We would be able to invite our children into the kitchen and allow them to learn to cook along side us. It would give our house a center hub where we would could gather as a family, entertain, etc.



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