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Easy tips to keep your fridge clean

64460bH(NC)—It’s no secret that cleaning appliances isn’t at the top of many Canadians’ to-do lists.  A Whirlpool Home Appliances survey found that most people clean their refrigerators only once or twice a year, with these cleanings usually triggered by a sticky spill.

“It’s surprising that people don’t keep their refrigerators as clean as they do other places in their kitchens,” says Catherine Marion, host of The Mom Show and Whirlpool spokesperson. “Most of the food we eat spends time in the fridge – imagine cleaning your countertop only once or twice a year.”

Here, Marion shares her top tips to keep the fridge spic and span:

•    Before heading to the grocery store, clean out any spoiled food and do a quick wipe-down of the shelves.  This will make sure you buy only what you need and that your fridge is ready to store new groceries.

•    Look for features that will help keep your fridge clean, like Whirlpool’s new industry-exclusive MicroEtch spill control shelves. These shelves remove the conventional plastic spill guard around shelf edges and instead use a special technology to create a seamless barrier, forcing spills to stay put where they land.  These shelves also open up more shelf space for all your groceries.

•    Crisper space is important too. A bigger family needs more space to keep produce fresh and tasty. Luckily, Whirlpool offers the industry’s largest crisper in their newest side-by-side refrigerators.

•    Organize your refrigerator in zones – one for condiments, one for easy-to-grab snacks, one for drinks and one for leftovers. Keeping items easily accessible means less risk of a spill while searching for something else.

•    Keep a box of baking soda in the fridge and replace it every six months to ensure it’s working its hardest to keep your fridge odour-free.

“When the refrigerator is clean, cooking and putting the groceries away are just that much easier,” says Marion. “And who doesn’t love easy?”

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