64514H(NC)—According to a recent poll conducted by Direct Energy and Angus Reid, two thirds (67%) of Canadians know the age of the heating and cooling equipment in their home. Why is this significant? Because knowing the age of the equipment provides a good indication as to how efficiently the air conditioner or furnace is working.

But what does this really mean? Dave Walton, director of home ideas, Direct Energy explains.

“Let’s say you have a 17-year-old mid-efficiency gas furnace. This older, “conventional”, furnace will be operating at about 60% or less efficiency than a new, high efficiency unit. Essentially, your older furnace is burning up about 40 cents of every dollar.”

For a home that spends $1,000 per year on heating, upgrading to a high efficiency gas furnace could result in savings as high as $300. An additional perk is that a number of high-efficiency furnaces are eligible for government rebates meaning payback on the purchase of the furnace may be realized sooner.

It is important to note that a new energy efficiency initiative took effect in December 2009, the National Minimum Energy Performance Standard, which pertains to residential gas furnaces. The new Canadian standard requires that all gas furnaces operate at a minimum of 90% efficiency. This applies to new purchases only; homeowners are not required to switch out existing gas furnaces until they need to.

If you’re not a part of the sixty-seven percent of Canadians who know the age of their heating and cooling equipment, perhaps it’s time to get more closely acquainted with your furnace. If an upgrade is required, the benefits of a new high efficiency model may include years of increased energy efficiency, quieter operation, better air circulation, and the best part, saving a few cents every time the thermostat is turned up.

More information on high efficiency furnaces can be found online at www.directenergy.com or toll-free at 1-866-616-5850.


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