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Evelyn’s Double Take: Adding Colour

Design and Event Editor Evelyn Eshun shows us how we can transform a neutral palette in a living space to one full of life and colour.

Neutral Canvas: Mixed metals and textures are used to create a visually interesting, neutral space.


  • HIGH-QUALITY SOFA AND CHAIRS in a neutral fabric allow you to easily update your look from season to season.
  • USING BASKETS as a place to put blankets or pillows is a great way to eliminate clutter.
  • BOOKS ARE A WONDERFUL ACCESSORY as well as a decorative touch.

Perfect Palette: Adding pops of colour in accessories and accent pieces gives the space a new look and feel.


  • A SHOT OF GREEN from an interesting plant is an easy way to add colour.
  • COLOURFUL CANDLES AND VASES add personality to a fireplace mantle.
  • CONSIDER THE SPINE OF BOOKS and the shot of colour which they can bring to a room.

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Evelyn’s Design Tips

  1. Evelyn Eshun with Moe (Apex Custom Fabrications) and Nando (Keystone Mechanical Group). The focal point of this space is a Valor 52” linear fireplace with complete installation by Keystone Mechanical Group. The fireplace was set into a seamless front leather black slate that was perfectly fabricated by Apex Custom Fabrications. When choosing and installing a fireplace, working with both the installer and stone fabricator as a one-stop shop makes it a smooth process.
  2. An open concept gathering area is a common design choice in today’s modern homes. A custom feature wall creates a strong statement within this space. Investment pieces like a sofa or area rug in neutral colours can help to stretch a dollar, while colourful pillows, throws and accessories that can be changed seasonally help add personality to the space.
  3. This room’s expansive space is warmed by a 52 inch linear L2 fireplace by Valor which creates a focal point as well as much needed warmth during cold winter days in the northern edges of Toronto, Ontario.
  4. When using a more neutral colour scheme, it is suggested to add texture to your design elements to create interest. When in doubt, add live plants, textured metals and other finishes.
  5. For functional coffee table décor, use a decorative tray to group all of those small items that tend to make a table look messy. Layer a few of your favourite books to create a “pedestal” and finish off the look with an accessory laid on top of the stack.
  6. Pillows are hands-down the best way to add colour and personality to your room. Consider seasonal swaps of pillows and coffee table books with your friends and colleagues in order to make a new statement each season!
  7. A colourful box can be used to store remotes and other unsightly items.

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Evelyn Eshun has been providing creative Interior Design solutions for her Residential Clients in the Toronto area for over a decade. Principal Designer at Evelyn Eshun Interior Design, Evelyn has participated in various Television programs over the years in addition to her Design business. With a passion for design and travel, Evelyn has translated her extensive and various experiences into a design philosophy which puts the Client’s needs and functional needs first. Always striving for a unique and personalized solution for each Client, Evelyn prides herself on creating interiors which will stand the test of time. Whether transforming an old and tired property into a vibrant home or simply finishing a home with the decorating touches which make a house a home, the goal is always to collaborate with Homeowner, Trades and Suppliers to finish the project successfully.

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