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Evelyn’s Holiday Decorating Ideas for a Glam Look

I was recently asked to create a Christmas Inspired room for the Interior Decorating show for the Magazine which I am so happy to be a contributor for…what better way for me to begin getting inspired for Holiday Decorating. Jumping in head first, I went shopping for ‘ideas’ at Homesense who was the sponsor for accessories.

As with any shopping trip for the purpose of sourcing products, I had to come up with what my goals were.

  • Create a room which sparkles
  • Use an anagolous colourscheme ( same side of the colourwheel)
  • Add some whimsy

After choosing the furniture from Basset and borrowing a stunning Tibetan wool area rug from W Studio, I went to Homesense for the bits and pieces which put the whole look together.

image 1

Tip #1: Creating a Colour Scheme:

The Choice of colours ranged from apple green, to gold to rich turquoise, inspired by the pair of Peacock canvases I found at Basset. There should be a ‘jumping off point’ which is your inspiration…if you determine a colour inspiration from the beginning, it will make the decisions of what to include easier.


Tip #2: Adding Stockings & Greenery

Stockings which are a staple of Christmas giving; I chose silver and gold ones which had bead and crystal embellishments. If you wish , you can make your own with bits and pieces purchased at a craft long as they sparkle, they will belong. Moss balls in silver pots from my personal collection were a perfect dash of lively green.

image 3

Tip #3: A Little Whimsy

This was my shot of whimsy, these skinny , sparkly reindeer were only $8, I fell for all 4 which were at the store. They can be placed randomly around the house or on the tablescape to put smiles on faces.

image 4

Tip #4: Fill Empty Wall Space with Over-sized Ornaments

I decided to hang these oversized acrylic snowflakes on the wall attached to invisible fishing wire. I think I will do the same at home and hang them off my hall mirror.

image 5

Tip #5: Mix Metallics for a Touch of Glamour

I randomly blended gold and silver items for the tablescape to provide the glamour… the blending of these metals gives you the best of both worlds, cool and sophisticated silver with warm and luxurious gold.

This room was a lot of work and tons of fun to see it come together, could not have been done without help from my Team…

Thank you to Marc and the Canadian Home Trends Bunch for giving me the opportunity.

Happy Holidays!

Photography By Larry Arnal Photography – For more information on Evelyn’s design and more images of this space, read this post on Evelyn’s blog!

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