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Expert Tips to Master the Grill


A great BBQ starts at the butcher. A knowledgeable butcher can give you advice on appropriate cuts for your cooking needs, tips for preparing a great meal, and accessibility to lesser known cuts that you don’t find in the supermarkets.

SELECTING BEEF: Look for AAA or Higher locally sourced cuts that are for grilling. Make sure your beef cuts are aged a minimum of 21 days.  Higher marbling and aging leads to more flavorful and tender end results.

GRILLING TIPS: Allow the meat to get to room temperature before grilling. Pat the meat dry before seasoning and grilling. This will allow proper searing of the meat which will enhance the flavor of the finished product and help prevent the meat from turning gray.

Make sure your grill is clean and good and hot before starting to grill. After the grill is heated up, rub a halved potato on the hot grates. This will make them virtually non-stick.

Photo Source: Coyote Grill, Distinctive

Don’t sauce the food too early. The sugars in the sauce will burn. Apply sauce in the last 2 mins of grilling. When the meat is finished cooking, always let it rest to keep the juices from running out onto your cutting board and drying out the meat.

Pork & Poultry: When grilling pork or poultry, always brine your meat. This not only helps to add flavor but also keeps the meat juicy and moist. A basic brine is 30g of salt dissolved into 1 litre of water. Brine times will vary depending on size and cut of meat as well as the salt content of the brine. Try experimenting with different seasonings.

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