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Festive Holiday Table Centerpieces

Planning a holiday get together for family or friends? When planning your menu for the evening, don’t forget your table centerpiece. A beautiful table centerpiece provides a focal point for your guests while they enjoy the wonderful holiday meal you have prepared for them.

  • Before running out to spend a lot of money on holiday table centerpieces, take a look around your home to see what you already have. With a few candles, some Christmas ornaments, and some holiday greenery, you may already have everything you need to put together a great table centerpiece.
  • A centerpiece can be as simple as a bowl of Christmas ornaments sitting on the table. Silver ball ornaments placed in a crystal bowl makes a beautiful table decoration. You can also arrange ball ornaments on a tiered silver serving tray for an attractive centerpiece.
  • Use boughs of holiday greenery to decorate your table. Place a table runner along the length of the table and decorate with greenery and pinecones or ball ornaments.
  • Keep a variety of medium and large cylindrical vases on hand for holiday displays. You can find these vases very inexpensively at thrift stores and yard sales.
  • Fill the vases up with your favorite holiday items, such as beaded garland and small ball ornaments. Greenery, pinecones, nuts, or cranberries can be used for a more natural look. A quick tip: place an empty toilet paper roll in the center of large vases to take up some of the room in the vase and place the decorative items around it and on top of it. Less items will be required to fill the vase!
  • Candles can also be used in a variety of ways for festive table centerpieces.
  • Place a tall pillar candle in a large cylindrical vase that is filled part way with epsom salts. The epsom salts will make it look like the vase is full of snow.
  • You can also create a snow covered candle holder by covering the outside of a jar candle with epsom salts.
  • Put your hand inside the jar, and with a decoupage medium such as Modge Podge, use a paint brush to apply the decoupage to the outside of the candle holder. Pour about a cup of epsom salts onto a plate and roll the candle holder in the salt until it is covered. Make sure to get some epsom salts around the rim of the candle holder too.
  • Let the jar dry for a couple of hours. Gently shake the jar to get off any excess salts. Spray the jar with a clear gloss sealer to seal completely.
  • Candles can be also placed in quart sized canning jars. Place the jars in the center of the table and accent with greenery and pine cones for a natural look. Floating candles also look great in canning jars along with a few cranberries for accent.
Table decorations don’t have to be expensive. Often you will have everything you need laying around your house. All you need is a little creativity and an idea to get you started, and you will have a festive table centerpiece to grace your holiday table in no time.


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