Gardening design trends aren’t just for the seasoned pros; keep reading to find out how to bring the top gardening trends to your home.

This year’s batch of gardening trends keep to certain themes. They reflect a growing regard for the planet, the bourgeoning realm of urban gardening, and the technological innovation of conventional gardening systems. Below, we explore four trends that are defining our outdoor spaces in 2020.

Turning to tech

Smart Plant Monitoring System

These days, there’s not much that can’t be made better and more efficient using technology. In the garden, this involves gadgets and gear such as grow lamps, garden bots and apps, planting kits and systems, remote irrigation, and self-watering pots. To find out more about top tech for your garden, see this rundown by Farm & Garden DIY.

Vertical solutions

Vertical Gardening Bags

Although vertical gardening has existed throughout history, vertical gardening solutions have garnered more attention in recent years, as urban dwellers turn to gardening for catharsis and an alternative to grocery store produce. For instructions on building a vertical garden of your own (and seven ideas you can try), check out this guide via Morning Chores.

Sustainable gardening

Sustainable gardening is a movement that continues to gain traction. It includes natural methods of pest control, supporting local pollinators, and composting. For information on composting methods, check out this explainer on basic facts about compost bins and systems.

Foodie culture

As people grow increasingly conscious about what they’re putting in their bodies, there’s been a surge in popularity of small-space and small-format vegetable gardening. These types of gardens tend to emphasize function rather than flair. Visit Home Trends Blog to learn more about setting up a vegetable garden in your small space.

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